A pure light and a demon

A pure light and a demon




I was in meditation. I was dreaming of raising a demon to pure light.

The higher I rose, the purer the light was. At one point the demon started to rebel and I wanted to destroy it in the light.

I did not succeed, however, I was able to push it away downward as I continued to rise toward the light.


Hello Francesco,

Thank you for trusting us with your dream interpretation.

Dreaming of a demon is a very unpleasant sensation. Its appearance is usually not a good omen.

It can be a warning about various aspects of your life. I'll explain everything in detail.

First of all, at the beginning of your dream, you meditate. Through this mediation, your subconscious invites you to explore your inner self.

Indeed, it's essential to be more tolerant of yourself. What's more, mediation can herald a phase of serenity in your life.

Seeing a demon in your dream means you're afraid of the unknown. It may be that an event you consider beyond your control is preventing you from moving forward. Therefore, you need to be vigilant at all times and show resilience.

Secondly, the demon that rises with you into the light is a sign of your willingness to face the trials that stand in your way. So be attentive to all the events happening around you, and make the most of them.

The demon you succeed in pushing down in your dream shows that the negative emotions and hidden traumas you've suffered will leave your life.

This is why you remain in the light. It represents the healing of a wound that has impacted your life.

Your subconscious wants to reveal hidden aspects of yourself that you've been missing.

Finally, Francesco, if you have a bad habit or addiction you're struggling with at the moment, know that a dream like this is a sign that you'll be able to break it.

On the other hand, you'll need a certain amount of discipline to succeed.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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