A walk in the mall

A walk in the mall




I was in a mall from my city with my crush because she asked me out (we made up yesterday after an argument in reality).

My mom and her classmates were there too, we were the only ones left because it was almost closing time.

I suggested to my crush we left them and walked alone through the mall. She accepted and we visited a grocery store first, where I took a yogurt which I ate, and some single use white plastic spoons, but I never got to pay for them as she dragged me out of the mall.

So, we exited the mall and reentered it through another door, but it was very dark outside and we got chased by some horror movie female spirit hunters that she seemed to know.

She said they catch their victims and throw their dead bodies away after stripping them. We managed to escape them and reenter the mall safely.

We arrived at some sort of bookstore and I suggested we went to the toy store, which I've been thinking about ever since we started our walk, but we had to exit the mall again for that.

So we did and we then saw a group of homeless people staring at us but not saying anything, then the spirit hunters came again. My crush announced me that they were after us again so we run again (apparently I could never hear them yelling until she told me they were chasing us) but they caught us this time.

My crush screamed as they got her and that's when I woke up.


Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for your interest. You and your crush have been through a long journey. Being chased by spirit hunters is a traumatic experience. There are some positive messages in this dream. I will explain everything in detail.

At first glance, dreaming of a shopping mall suggests your desire to have fun and connect with others. If you are currently going through a period of monotony, it is time to get away from it.

It is also a sign that you are preoccupied with problems that are holding you back. Your subconscious is inviting you to find a solution to your various concerns.

The presence of your mother and her classmates in your dream symbolizes your need for her protection. It is also a sign that you are seeking her approval in real life.

Also, going to a grocery store with your crush means that you need to make a strong connection with this person in real life.

This dream also suggests that you should not blindly trust those around you. Always keep information private.

The spirit hunters in your dream represent your insecurities. You are afraid of rejection and failure. Your subconscious mind is inviting you to release your negative emotions in order to move forward.

The visit to the toy store symbolizes your desire to return to your childhood and to rediscover that carefree spirit. It is also the manifestation of your creative side and your desire for freedom.

Finally, the spirit hunters who catch your girlfriend symbolize your doubts, your fear of not being loved. Don't let your emotions overwhelm you.

Good to you,

Anne Anne



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