Betrayal of my wife

Betrayal of my wife

Daniel José



Well, I dream of being in a bed with another woman knowing that I have my wife.

I would like to know why I betrayed my wife in my dreams at night, it is not the first time I am having those weird dreams it is like a betrayal towards her and a lack of respect I would like to know why I dream that knowing that I have no intention of betraying her.


Hello Daniel José

Thank you for sharing your dream. This dream is a pictorial representation of a set of things you need to deal with in your life and it doesn't necessarily have to do with your wife. I will explain in detail what the symbols in your dream refer to.

First of all Daniel Jose, this bed you are on is a symbol that you regret certain opportunities that you have not been able to seize in your life.

It is also a sign that sometimes you lack the courage to face certain situations in your real life.

This is the reason why you see yourself with this other woman, a sign of your past frustrations, negative experiences and regrets that you have not yet been able to digest.

This situation of betrayal that you are experiencing in this dream is a reflection of a certain insecurity on your part.

It is also a sign that you have difficulty trusting people around you.

If you cheat on your wife in this dream repeatedly, it is a sign that you need to question yourself. It is indeed a betrayal of yourself.

The reason you feel bad after this dream is a sign that you have an unconscious need to fill an emptiness that exists in you right now.

And you will be able to do this thanks to your current spouse. Indeed, your wife is here the symbol of the support you need. She is a sign of strength and support for you.

Your subconscious mind invites you to confide in her more in order to find solutions to most of your difficulties.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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