Biting spiders in a shed

Biting spiders in a shed




In a shed with my mom and there are spiders everywhere, some as big as a car, others as small as tick, ones that have wings, and others that look like bumble bees.

Some of them bit me, others ignored, I ended up dieing in the dream with my mother yelling at me.


Hello Charles.

Thank you for submitting your dream. Spiders are usually the bearers of bad news.

However, following the analysis of your dream, there are some hopeful elements. I will give you in the following lines the meaning of all the symbols of your dream.

Dreams related to spider bites predict that you will encounter difficulties on your way.

Your subconscious mind wants to alert you to find the necessary courage to overcome the obstacles that await you.

The spiders you see symbolize a set of negative judgments that you are experiencing.

Through this dream, your subconscious is inviting you to be quite cautious, because a bad rumor directed against you is likely to prevent you from moving forward.

If you are invaded by all these spiders, it symbolizes a warning signal that your subconscious is sending you to take action.

The good news in this dream is the presence of your mother. She symbolizes the comfort and security you need to live a peaceful life.

Generally speaking, this is a good sign if you are living a prudent life. However, if your mother blames you, it is a sign of disappointment that you may soon feel.

Your subconscious mind reveals a certain dissatisfaction on your part, in that you often feel that nothing you do can succeed.

Dying in this dream symbolizes the changes and transformations that will be yours. It is also a sign that you have been particularly affected by painful situations or events.

In short, your subconscious mind is inviting you to get up and move forward.


William William



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