Black horse with red eyes

Black horse with red eyes

Mariana Luz



I am alone in the house and I go to the backyard, there I see a beautiful black steed, it was a big and sturdy horse, he seemed to be tame, first I wondered how such a big animal had gotten there, after I get close to the animal.

He becomes aggressive, his eyes become red, he raises his front legs and comes towards me, I start to run, but I don't leave the place at all, giving me a great feeling of anxiety, the more I ran the less difference it made the more it seemed that the horse was getting closer and closer.

Until finally I manage to get to the door that separates the backyard from the kitchen and lock it, at this moment my mother arrives and asks me what happened, I explain everything, she calls me crazy and opens the door, even though I insisted she should not, when the door opens she shows me the backyard saying that there was nothing there, but I could see the huge black horse with blood red eyes staring at me and smoke coming out of his nostrils.


Hello Mariana,

Thank you for sharing this dream with us. There is an important message being delivered to you by your subconscious mind regarding your attitude towards the situations you encounter. I will explain in detail the meaning of the symbols in your dream.

This house you are in symbolizes your personal accomplishment. It is also a sign of your self-confidence, which has been strengthened by the relationships you have with your family.

The dark horse that you see is a sign that there are new opportunities that will come your way, only there are dark forces working against you.

If this horse is aggressive with you, it is a sign of the fear of the unknown and of failure that sometimes drives you.

Your subconscious mind wants to prepare you to be ready for the various changes that may occur in your life.

That's why this horse has red eyes. They symbolize some of the self-transcendence that you need.

If you're running, it means your subconscious is inviting you to take a little more risk. You will need to step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

This feeling of anxiety is related to an event that has affected you in particular. It occurs when you seem to have no control over certain situations.

On the other hand, Mariana, your mother's presence in this dream symbolizes a need to be advised, a desire to be guided and encouraged by people around you.

However, if you feel that your mother doubts you, it is a sign that you sometimes tend to feel powerless in front of the opinion of others.


William William



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