Deceased father-in-law

Deceased father-in-law




My father-in-law who passed away arrives at my house together with my brother-in-law. They come to pick up my husband. I am glad to see my father-in-law whom I have not seen for a long time. In the dream I don't know that he died.

In the same dream my daughter tells me that she saw messages from my husband talking to another woman. I am not surprised. It's like I know. I ask my husband that we should separate and not insist.

That makes me really sick. And then I wake up


Hello Natalia.

Thank you for this dream full of revelations. Your subconscious is revealing important messages about your family life and your relationship.

You must quickly find solutions to certain situations. I will give you all the details below.

If you have dreamed of your deceased father-in-law, this is a bad omen. Indeed, it is a sign that your projects will be blocked and that you will encounter a family difficulty.

Your subconscious mind is therefore inviting you to be very careful, because this situation foreshadows a serious and deadly problem in the near future.

On the other hand, the presence of your brother-in-law means that even if you are going to encounter misunderstandings in the family, there will always be a solution.

His presence in this dream is indeed a sign of peace within your family circle.

This is why you feel this joy which is a symbol of personal satisfaction and fulfillment on your part.

If your husband is cheating on you in this dream, it symbolizes an unconscious dissatisfaction on your part with your sex life or your undisclosed need to change sexual partners.

The presence of your daughter symbolizes the parts of your personality that you need to improve.

It's a call from your subconscious to question yourself, so that your worries don't consume you from the inside.

In the end Natalia, this contemplated separation from your spouse means that you will take a new step in your relationship.

It is also a sign of a possible disagreement with your spouse. Your subconscious mind reveals that one of you seems to have a selfish attitude at times and you absolutely must resolve the problem together.


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