Dreaming of a man in a hat and tuxedo

Dreaming of a man in a hat and tuxedo




Was at my father's house with a golden sceptre and I threw it towards the house,on my right were 3 bulls cramped up together very hairy too.

I approached the house and sensed filth and looked up to see a male and female mannequin hanging on the roof dressed for a wedding.

I turned back and saw a man with a hat and tuxedo and he hit my left ear with his stick. I turned and challenged him he was surprised and he got back up by more of people dressed like him coming out in twos.

I turned and left the compound and picked up the sand while it has started raining and looked up to heaven and asked God to fight for me for I don't know where I am but I pick up this sand as evidence and that God should fight my battle.

This dream lasted a space of night as I got there till morning as I picked up the sand. And I woke up.



Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Experiencing events that lasted all night can't have been easy. But don't worry, the interpretation will provide you with the meaning of this dream.

The first significant element in your dream is the golden scepter. It is, above all, a sign of honor and authority. But the fact that you threw it away indicates that you are discharging a responsibility.

Seeing bulls evokes strength and perseverance. In conjunction with the events that followed, the trinity symbol of bulls gives you the courage and luck to face what comes next.

In addition, seeing them on the right is positive. They are thus an omen of good luck, especially in the professional field.

The mannequin dressed in wedding attire that you saw is a sign of weakness, of stagnation. It could mean that you also want to get married, or that you feel in your union a form of slowing down.

The men in tuxedos in your dream in particular are a sign of the presence and support of your loved ones in your decision.

Rain is a sign of a time of turmoil. Picking up sand means that you are weighing the pros and cons of the situation and facing it from the right angle.

Praying shows a need for relief from the situation that affects your state of mind. It shows that you will have the key to its resolution.

You will go through some turbulent times. But still, your dream reassures you that you will have the necessary courage and strength to get through it. So don't be overwhelmed when the situation arises.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



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