Dreaming of a relationship with a stranger

Dreaming of a relationship with a stranger




I dreamt having sex with someone I don't know,I didn't have any connections with him at all because he was acting to be my boyfriend.

I didn't even understand what was going on .I also dreamt holding my ex hand which was surprising,I always dream about this all the times.


Hello Livhuwani,

Thank you for trusting us enough to share your intimate dream with us. It is often well perceived and fun to have an erotic dream, but we must also admit that everything can depend on the identity of the partner.

In your case, it is a stranger, and far from being confusing, such a dream augurs a global emergence in your existence.

Indeed, it is not appropriate to generalize the interpretation of dreams, because not all erotic dreams translate the same symbols.

You are probably in an emotional and sentimental instability, but this does not necessarily mean that this dream translates purely and simply the rise of your libido.

The most beautiful proof is that you do not know the identity of your lover, although your dream also involved your ex-partner.

This dream invites you and promises an intrinsic will to evolve on your part and the unknown is none other than yourself.

Everything becomes clearer and aligns with the rest of your dream. You are holding your ex's hand, which seems surprising and shows that you are unconsciously grieving and having difficulty letting go of your past disappointments.

Perhaps you are now having difficulty trusting others or even believing in life, in a superficial and fictional happiness.

Life is like a constant battle, but just because you've stumbled once doesn't mean you'll always fall. It is possible to move on.

Livhuwani, make life your playground, enjoy, celebrate, be authentic, give yourself love and attention. It is crucial to discover yourself to find the most perfect version of your beautiful self.


Anne Anne



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