Dreaming of the number 66 on my cheeks with blood

Dreaming of the number 66 on my cheeks with blood





I had a dream of a stranger, a person I don't know at all, who drew the number 66 on my two cheeks.

The blood started to flow slowly, at that moment I woke up. Knowing that this person I could not identify him so much, the action happened quickly!

Thank you so much.


Hello Nabil,

Your dream is a kind of warning, thank you for sharing it with us. It must certainly have generated in you a deep anxiety. This is quite understandable.

Dreaming of wearing the number 66 followed by a flow of blood can make you feel uncomfortable. However, the details I am about to give you about the interpretation of this dream, may surprise you.

Dreaming of being marked with the number 66 refers to your current situation. Convincing changes are about to take shape on the psychic and physical level.

It will be a matter of seeing a kind of emotional release. Unburden yourself of your worries, concerns, and especially your anger to feel the benefits that the world has to offer you.

Furthermore, Nabil, the presence of this stranger in your dream is an important sign. It reveals a multitude of possibilities, of paths that will be proposed to you to reach your objectives of success.

This presence can also represent certain people close to you, whom you do not yet identify. Know that they are ready to give you a hand if you ask for it.

This dream invites you to work on a psychological cleansing. This will give you the vitality and well-being you have always sought. Hence the sight of blood in your dream.

As you can see Nabil, this dream is a good omen for you. It may have struck you at first, but the most important thing is the message it carries for you. Have more confidence in yourself and try to recognize the people who want you well.

Also know how to give love unconditionally. You will be greatly rewarded.


William William



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