I ask an old friend for money

I ask an old friend for money




Three days a go I dreamt going to an old friend and asking him for money an amount of Ghc 200 and immediately I woke up.

And last night I continued the dream I saw the same old friend and he gave me a code 4114 which I don't understand.

Please interpret


Hello Simon,

You are right to submit your dream to us and I thank you for it. This dream refers to a rather particular symbolism because it reveals an immediate decision that concerns you on a personal level. My interpretation will give you more details and you should take this very seriously.

Indeed, Simon, if you dreamed of this old friend, it means that you are currently in need of spiritual enrichment and exchange with others. The presence of this friend is therefore a symbol of the courage and support you need to face the difficulties you encounter.

In this dream, you are in need, as you are asking your friend for money, this indicates that there is a situation or problem that is not clear to you. Your subconscious mind is alerting you to the fact that it is best to talk about it so that you don't end up in an awkward situation. If you do this, that project that is close to your heart will come to fruition quickly.

The code 4114 that your friend is communicating to you symbolizes a new beginning and this is reflected by the fact that the number 1 appears twice, which reinforces your interest in moving forward and this number is surrounded by the number 4 in symmetry which means that this message is amplified. All of this symbolizes the changes needed to improve the quality of your life.

Ultimately Simon, this dream reveals that you need to trust yourself. Your subconscious is calling you to focus on yourself and not to systematically trust what others think. Instead, don't hesitate to take the hand of those people who want to support you.

With kind regards,

William William



Simon 11/01/2022 22:33

In fact you're genius everything you said about my dream is true, life is really rough for me and I hardly make ends meet. I'm confused I don't know which ways to go right now.
I pray God help me out quickly.

William William 11/02/2022 13:10

Hello Simon, thank you for your feedback, it's very kind! I really hope that your situation will be resolved quickly. As indicated in the interpretation, trust yourself. See you soon.

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