I dreamed that I was fired with my boss

I dreamed that I was fired with my boss




I dreamt of my boss who fired me without compensation and that she only gave me a gift, I told her that she had to pay me everything for the years that I had been there that if she didn't, I would denounce them for harassment at work and my other boss said that she would pay me everything, thank you very much.


Hello Anna,

Your dream is very significant. You are right to share it with us to be enlightened on its interpretation.

Dreaming is not the fruit of chance. Behind each image is a particular symbolic language. And I will immediately provide you with all the information concerning your dream.

A dismissal in a dream is usually a good omen. It symbolizes a very important step in your life. It may be a sign of success in the professional world.

However, you may have a lack of confidence or fear of being fired from your job. You will need to be determined to make sure that no difficulties prevent you from moving forward.

In addition, you may need to try new things or feel uncomfortable in your current work environment for various reasons. You may currently be in conflict with your supervisor. This is the reason for your dream of being fired without compensation.

The fact that you received a gift from your boss in your dream means that there will be changes in your life in the near future. Real transformations will take place and you will have to face them while remaining positive.

To dream of your other boss paying your allowances means that she will have an important role to play in your future projects. Anna, as you know, life is full of ups and downs. You will be overwhelmed by a wave of changes in your professional life.

But it is important that you have confidence in yourself! Don't let fear and doubt take over. Being bold is the key to overcoming every obstacle you encounter.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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