I get mugged in the middle of the night

I get mugged in the middle of the night





I'm writing this post because I've had an overwhelming night....

In my sleep I am attacked in my bed by a man with a machete. He came to cut me, he hit me in the back! The pain is sharp! I really feel it. But I don't let it happen.

I scream but my cry is deaf, my voice muffled. I struggle against my attacker, "The Butcher", he is more than determined to kill me. His face is familiar to me. He is a white man who looks like my economics teacher (I graduated 20 years ago).

He strikes me with a machete with the aim of cutting my arm, missing me! My back hurts... I know that if I don't get out of there, I am lost...

So I yell to myself, get out of this situation it's not real!!! I open my eyes, I'm in bed, my back hurts. I feel like it's still there.

Can you help me to discern this part of my night please?


Hello Yass G.

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Since in your dream you were dealing with an attacker, you may have been scared to death. But in reality, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, dreams about aggression are usually good dreams.

In fact, dreaming that you are being mugged means that you will soon succeed in a project that is important to you. It may be that this project is related to your love life, because being hit on the back is a sign that you want to be loved, to be in contact with others and to be surrounded by beautiful people.

This interpretation is confirmed because in the rest of your testimony, you state that you feel great pain. Indeed, the sensation of pain is often a sign that someone is able to help you solve certain problems that prevent you from moving forward. To dream of pain is also to accept to put your fate in the hands of someone else.

However, Yass G, you are not at all ready to let go and this is what justifies the fact that you are struggling, in your dream, with your abuser. In reality, this means that your mind is the terrain of an inner conflict.
So it will be a matter of holding on, because the answers you are waiting for are closer than you think. This is the reason why you dreamed about your economics teacher.

And since in your dream you managed to get out of this situation by shouting to yourself to wake up, this indicates an upcoming success. Indeed, you will triumph over the difficulties you encounter in real life and you will succeed in the projects that are close to your heart.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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