I make love to another woman than my girlfriend

I make love to another woman than my girlfriend




I dreamed that I was making love to a woman who is not my girlfriend at all and never will be.

And the way we make love in this dream is completely beneath me. As if we are not civilized people. I wouldn't want that to happen.


Hello Germain,

Thank you for telling us about this dream which touches your intimacy. In reading you, I can feel your indignation about this dream.

But I want to reassure you that it is not as frightening as it seems. I give you in the following lines the interpretation of your dream.

Our subconscious usually manifests itself through dreams. To dream of having sex with a woman other than your girlfriend means that you are trying to fill a void.

But this is not necessarily from your love life. In fact, you are longing for answers that you cannot find.

This situation pushes you towards the outside. It is up to you to make decisions that can positively impact your life.

Apart from this aspect, it must also be said that your dream may symbolize a betrayal from your entourage or from someone very close to you.

It is therefore an invitation to be vigilant on your part. In addition, you may be experiencing professional or personal discomfort which is reflected in this dream.

You indicate that in your dream you are making love in an undignified way. This means that you are going through a period of intense stress or frustration.

Get a grip on yourself so that you don't sink into anxiety, as certain aspects of your personality may be blocking your own well-being. However, don't make any hasty decisions, especially when it comes to romance.

You should remember that this dream does not systematically mean that you have feelings for someone other than your girlfriend.

You may feel a need for affection. Concentrate more on yourself for your psychological well-being.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Anne



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