I must find the lion man

I must find the lion man




I am in a house that is actually my company. Suddenly three men arrive, one is the father, one is the son, and one seems to be an accountant.

I show them the company and suddenly I see myself in a room, lying on a very comfortable bed, but the room is precarious, the walls unpainted.

In my mind's eye I can see my sister hosing down the walls of the room with a hose and water starts to leak onto the bed where I'm lying.

At that moment I hear a calm and soft voice say: "look for a lion man" the dream ends.


Hello Regina,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I imagine that this dream seemed very strange to you. But I will explain here what it means.

The fact that you are in your business symbolizes that you are about to make a good deal or that you are taking a lot of time to think about making a decision about your business. It means it's time for you to take action. Don't doubt yourself anymore!

Dreaming of three men, especially an accountant, reveals that you should be more rigorous in the management of your resources and your energy in order not to disperse yourself unnecessarily.

Another interesting fact about your dream is the presence of a bed. Dreams with beds are very common. Generally, the bed symbolizes comfort and tranquility. Since this is a comfortable bed, then you are about to go through a period of peace and stability.

To dream of your sister using a hose to wet the wall, may indicate that you are going to encounter health problems that will find solutions very soon. The presence of a wall is a sign that you are protected, which guarantees you a certain security, but at the same time isolates you. It is therefore time to leave your comfort zone.

Finally, this voice whispering in your dream is a sign that you refuse to listen to your inner voice. You are looking for an authority figure. This is confirmed by the presence of the lion man who represents courage, charisma and determination, essential to your evolution.

It is therefore essential that you clear the air around you.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



Regina 11/10/2022 18:50

Thank you. It helped a lot.

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