Loss of 3 teeth while screaming

Loss of 3 teeth while screaming




In my dream I went to my place of business, my store was surrounded by several other businesses. Mine was deserted and dusty and for a long time I had not sold anything.

And when I entered, I found human feces (poop) and I got angry saying despite everything you do to me you continue? I don't sell, I'm unhappy and that's not enough for you?

I started to pray with strength and conviction, then strong waves came out of the earth and went through my feet. These waves went through my body and I felt rid of many evil things.

I shouted too much and all the people around me with firmness and determination shouted too much and 3 teeth two molars and a canine fell out of my mouth without bloodshed the molars were stuck.


Hello Nadia

Thank you for sharing your dream. This dream you had is a message that brings you good news, but also alerts you to upcoming events.

These events could have a negative impact on your life. I will explain in detail the meaning of the symbols you saw.

First of all, the business you are doing symbolizes happiness and success in your projects. It is a sign that your intelligence will bring you a fortune.

This is the reason why you see stools. Indeed, they announce a future success in relation to a project.

However, you must take care to analyze the project carefully. You must therefore avoid making decisions blindly.

The dust you see on the other hand is a sign that you are going to have a quarrel with your friends, the cause of which will be your lack of understanding. It is also a sign that you are likely to have financial problems.

Concerning teeth falling out, this is a very bad sign. It is a sign that someone close to you has died.

It also means that you are experiencing deep internal anguish that is associated with the fear of death.

The good news in your dream is that you are praying. It means that your wishes will be granted. It is also a sign of your inner humility.

That's why you're shouting in this dream, it's a sign that you're trying to assert yourself and build more confidence.

In the end Nadia, this dream reveals that you need to take stock of yourself and take care of yourself.

You will also go through some difficult trials, but you will face them.


William William



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