Love melody and my dog

Love melody and my dog




I was sleeping peacefully when out of nowhere I hear a melody, then I wake up suddenly and the first thing I did was to think about the person I like.

Then I get off my bed and go running to the door and go out to the front garden, I see the person I like and I wanted to go after him but my dog appeared and stopped me, I made him love me and I look in front to see where the guy I like was.

He was about to cross the street, at that moment I wanted to shout his name to see if I could get his attention but the voice just didn't come out, then he crossed the street and met a stray dog to which I feed him, he starts to make him affectionate and then he just disappears for a few passages after that I woke up.


Hello Honney,

Thank you for taking the time to share your dream with us. Dreaming about someone you have feelings for can be confusing.

The man's presence, his attitude and the appearance of the dog are all loaded with meaning. But don't worry. I will enlighten you about the meaning of your dream.

Hearing a melody while you sleep is an expression of your emotions. Good things are about to impact your life positively.

Your dream invites you on the one hand to relax, to enjoy every moment of your life intensely. On the other hand, it can also mean that you will have new experiences with new people, which will contribute to your evolution.

As for the sudden appearance of your dog, it is not insignificant. The dog is like a defender for his master.

This animal symbolizes your unconscious. It evokes your desire to be protected. In your dream, it not only leads you to understand your personality, but also warns you about an imminent danger.

In the next part of your dream, you see this man you like. This is not necessarily related to your love for this person.

Dreams represent a part of yourself that manifests itself. If you are holding on to your past, you need to let go and move on. There is no point in holding on to events that interfere with your inner peace.

Honney, your dream here invites you to assert more of your personality without shame or fear. Let your insecurities not make you believe that you have no right to happiness.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Anne



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