My 11 year old daughter in a white dress

My 11 year old daughter in a white dress




i had a dream about my x husband showing me his children and then i saw our 11 years old daughter in a white shiny dress standing with her other 4 step siblings but the strange thing was the siblings were wearing black and i woke up in fear.


Hello Virginia,

I am honored that you would share your dream with us. I can see that it is stirring up a lot of confusion in you.

Dreaming about your husband is usually a sign of decisive change in the future. You will probably face dilemmas where your decisions will define the course of your life.

Indeed, dreaming about your husband usually invites the wife to refocus on her inner self, her own expectations, desires and ambitions.

You know very well that in the social intellect, a good wife is one who makes concessions for the well-being of her family. Without knowing you, the sharing of this precious dream testifies that you are a very good wife and a worthy mother.

Except that maybe it's time for you to really open up to the world and live without fear and doubt.

The presence of your daughter, let alone your husband's children, only confirms this. If you ignore this dream, the feelings it brings will only complicate your life as your little girl asserts her independence.

In your dream, you were frightened by the difference in dress between your 11-year-old daughter and her other stepsiblings. But your daughter's bright white dress symbolizes your inner strength that helps you face obstacles in your life. This reassuring presence is very positive and synonymous with triumph.

Virginia, there is nothing scary about this dream. It's just time for you to show your femininity and speak out. Take courage and dare to assert yourself in your family. You are a woman that every man would like to have in his life.

You have my deepest sympathy,

Anne Anne



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