My boyfriend doesn't look good

My boyfriend doesn't look good

María de leo



I dreamed my boyfriend lying around him people, it was a bathroom and his physical appearance was very bad and he was lying like already in agony and it happened because he smoked a lot and he was already bad I went to him and told him no and I woke up , other times I dream that he dies I don't know that


Hello María.

Thank you for your dream. This one, through the symbols you have seen, reveals several pieces of information related to your current love situation and how you should project yourself.

The presence of your boyfriend is a symbol of your current sentimental reality and a sign of what you are experiencing together.

It also means that you are unconsciously seeking some peace of mind in your relationship.

Seeing your boyfriend lying down symbolizes the confirmation of the love you have for him.

That bathroom you see in this dream may symbolize a good or bad omen.

Indeed, if it is clean, it is a sign that you are predisposed to have good luck in business and happiness in love.

This will be the opposite if it is dirty.

If you see your boyfriend in this state of health, it is a sign that he could be having a love affair with another.

Your subconscious mind invites you to be vigilant in this sense.

Your spouse seems to be dying in this dream, which is a sign that you are doing a lot for him. Your subconscious is highlighting your sacrifices to him.

On the other hand, if you see him dying, it is a sign that you certainly have an unconscious fear of losing him.

It is simply a sign that there is something you hope to achieve in your life, but unfavorable situations seem to slow you down.

This is the reason why he appears to be a smoker. If he smokes, it really is not related to him.

In the end María, even if you have a happy life ahead of you, be aware of what is going on around you.


William William



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