My deceased friend

My deceased friend




I have dreamed several times with my friend who passed away and in the dreams, he just hugs me, smiles at me and kisses me and I don't understand why he never tells me anything and not why, besides I dreamed it that I didn't pass an exam since the teacher had sabotaged me and the next day I took another exam with that teacher and I passed it.

But I dreamt it in a different way, since, in the other dreams he cheered up my existence, but this time when I saw him in my dream I got scared and I threw myself on the floor, thinking that he was dead, and I don't know why, if he is what I love the most, it helps.


Hello Catherine.

Thank you for this dream that you have submitted to us. The symbols you see summarize your general state of mind, and through this dream, your subconscious wants to help you become aware of certain situations that are occurring in your life. I will explain everything to you.

This dead friend that you see signifies a lack in your real life. It is also a sign that, if you are not careful, there are situations that are about to escape you.

This is the reason why you are failing this exam, which symbolizes your anxiety and insecurity about your knowledge of a particular subject that concerns you.

It's a sign that you may not be prepared for certain situations. Those hugs you give yourself indicate that there is someone you miss.

Your subconscious mind is revealing that you are attracted to someone and you want something to happen between you.

It also reveals that the feeling could be mutual for that person towards you.

This teacher you see symbolizes a change in your life. It also means that you are predisposed to meet new people. It is also a sign that your future projections are about to change.

If you subsequently pass this test, it means that you should not give up or despair no matter what. A personal or professional change is certainly coming.

In the end Catherine, throwing yourself on the floor means that sometimes you don't have reliable and solid reference points.

Your subconscious alerts you to the fact that you are not alone and that there are people who love you and want to support you.


William William



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