My mother passed away

My mother passed away




He tries to communicate with me but I almost never remember what he says, he told me my love with a very sad face and about to cry.

Suddenly he changed person or turned into a monster and I had my hands on my chest.

And this black thing bites my right hand and I stop breathing. I wake up but I'm still in the dream and I try to scream and I can't. I can't. I'm still in the dream but I can't. I'm still in the dream.


Hello Veronica,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us, a sign of the trust and esteem you place in our discernment.

We hope that time has healed your pain, although your dream shows the opposite.

However, we would like to reassure you that your dream invites you to become aware of certain aspects of your life.

Indeed, dreaming of your deceased mother comes as a prevention on future openings in your life. A mother symbolizes love, gentleness and protection.

Dreaming of her is often a good omen. But if you are about to make a decision, ask yourself the right questions because rushing can lead you astray.

Seeing your mother sad in your dream is a warning of impending danger. There may be problems in your personal life. So be on your guard and rely heavily on your amazing sense of intuition.

One thing you should know is that if you were seasoned, your mother would not feel the need to assail your dreams.

Remember that although you are a beautiful person, you are still sensitive enough to bear the weight of life alone. The purpose of her appearance is for you to take the reins of your destiny.

This explains the bite on your right hand. It is a sign that you will be a victim of malice from those around you. So be careful, especially with your finances.

Veronica, it's up to you to welcome all the goodies that come your way.

You can have it all, emotional, financial, sentimental stability, but it all has to come from your intrinsic will to achieve it.

To be happy, it is above all to decide it.

With love,

Anne Anne



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