Nightmare with my former mother-in-law

Nightmare with my former mother-in-law




It was dark, in an unfamiliar place, an apartment and I was there and my former mother-in-law came to me and she had the eyes of the devil.

A demonic entity and she was staring at me with her demonic eyes and I was very scared....

I wondered if she didn't want to hurt me or if she was really a demonic entity?


Hello Allison,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Dreaming of a demonic entity is very scary. Especially when it manifests itself through your ex-mother-in-law. I'll give you all the details of the meaning of your dream right away.

It is very common to dream of a mother-in-law. Very often this kind of dream is directly related to your own family; relationships that bind you. The presence of your former mother-in-law portends serious family problems and conflicts.

In addition, this dream means that some unresolved issues from your past are resurfacing. So, in order to move forward, it is important to face them.

It may be a professional opportunity or a relationship that you ended without really wanting to.

Your subconscious mind is inviting you to look back to make sure you made the right choices. It alerts you to multiple issues that need to be brought out.

Second, the devil in a dream often embodies the negative. By taking on the appearance of your mother-in-law, this entity represents the persecutions you are undergoing that will eventually harm you.

This demonic presence is usually the manifestation of that dark part of our unconscious that you are confronted with.

Therefore, a family member may still have a hold on you and you will have to get rid of it permanently. You are able to face the fears that are making your life difficult.

In the end, your dream sounds like a real warning. It's time to make better decisions by focusing on the positive. You have the strength and ability to remove the obstacles that stand in your way.

Good luck to you,

Anne Anne



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