Red stains on clothes and legs

Red stains on clothes and legs




Around the table with in-laws. We were drinking a red alcoholic beverage.

We all had red stains on our clothes. I also had drops of red on my legs. We were sitting around a square table in a semi-circle.

My dead mother in law was there. She was happy.


Hello Inam,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I must admit that it is a rather special dream and you will realize this when I give you the meaning of all the symbols. Some of the explanations will surprise you, so please read carefully.

The presence of alcoholic beverages means that you will be surprised by an unexpected event. Your subconscious is telling you that you will have to make a difficult choice between spiritual and material benefits. But it also wants you to understand that you should not let your emotions overwhelm you when you make this choice.

This is a warning from your subconscious not to get involved in many things at once, or you risk overexertion and less productive experiences than expected.

The red stains on the clothes of the people you are with in this dream symbolize a close person who is about to betray you. This means that you should be careful, because it is an indirect announcement of a public scandal that is about to happen, but which you should absolutely avoid.

This is why you saw a square table, which symbolizes balance and stability. It refers to the family and tight-knit group that you must rely on to face what is coming.

However, your deceased mother-in-law symbolizes your future life which will be happy. This means, according to your subconscious, that there is a certain and very close happiness waiting for you.

To conclude Inam, you are sometimes very ambiguous, you need to clarify your life by not wasting your time in unproductive activities.


William William



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