Running away from the wrong man

Running away from the wrong man




I dreamt that my mother and I were running away from a bad and deceitful man that seed like wanted to harm us. We both ran out of a familiar building (her former workplace) and straight to the road which was a busy road.

My mother was panting and in the dream I was very scared something bad might happen to her since we were in the middle of the room with lots of different cars coming and going.

In real life, I am always scared that something bad might happen to her and I always pray for her long life and God's preservation over both of us.

Before then, at the start of the dream, it was like we were in car being transported by the man and he did not seem harmful but I had a little bad feeling.


Hello Katerine,

Thank you for submitting your dream to us. Its interpretation reveals a message that will require action on your part. I invite you to read the following interpretation carefully as it may prove to be a decisive turning point in your real life.

Indeed Katerine, the dream of escape that you had symbolizes a temporary difficulty that you have in accepting certain events. This dream highlights a state of anxiety that you often have in certain circumstances and your subconscious is calling you to let go and put an end to this inner conflict that is driving you.

This evil man that you see in this dream is in reality the symbol of a sign of weakness that you give off. In fact, your subconscious is calling you about a conflict you are having with someone around you. Your subconscious is inviting you to avoid conflicts, to resolve them if they are already present, but above all not to ignore them.

If you are running in this dream, it simply symbolizes the urgency and importance that you must give to this current situation in your life. Your subconscious is inviting you to favor definitive solutions over temporary ones.

Moreover, the presence of your mother symbolizes the help you need to get there and the need to be understood by those around you. This is the reason why you saw yourself in this car which symbolizes this new road that is being traced for you.

In the end Katerine your subconscious is inviting you to trust yourself, to swallow your ego and to seize the help offered to you by those around you to enable you to move forward. You must be in harmony with yourself to move forward.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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