Stalked by individuals

Stalked by individuals




I am being hounded by people who are after my life. I found myself in a situation where I was surrounded on both sides.

My only option was to climb the walls of other houses and to hide myself I started to disguise myself as a madman to join my family.


Hello Odilon

Thank you for sharing your dream, full of emotion and stress. It is indeed carrying a deep message from your subconscious. I will explain in detail the meaning of the symbols you saw.

If you are being stalked in this dream, it symbolizes your current real life. Indeed you are in a rather vulnerable situation in your life following a stressful period that you have been through.

Your subconscious is calling you to face your responsibilities. The mean people you see symbolize your negative thoughts and the difficult situations you are experiencing.

You must therefore be careful and avoid developing feelings such as fear, jealousy and hatred. The danger you are facing symbolizes the success of your projects.

However, you will have to put your life in order. Your subconscious mind invites you to fight for your dreams so that your projects will come true.

If you dream of dressing up as a madman, this is a representation of great wisdom on your part.

You are someone who is listened to a lot, and when there are big decisions to be made, those around you will consult you.

However, you must avoid being in someone else's shoes for very long. Your subconscious mind invites you to be yourself.

If you see the possibility of climbing a wall, it is a sign that you know what is good for you in terms of your future. It is also a confirmation that you will overcome your difficulties on a spiritual level.

This is the reason why in your dream you can take refuge in your family. This is a sign that your family will be an important support for you in order to realize your plans.

Sincerely yours,

William William



Odilon 01/06/2023 23:14

Thank you for the interpretation, it really captures my current situation. I take note of the recommendations.

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