Surviving baby

Surviving baby




I already have several children, but I have also had several miscarriages, including one recently, and I had a dream that I was pregnant, and that at the ultrasound I was told I was having another miscarriage, relatively late, about 19 weeks.

However, during the delivery of my presumed dead baby, he was breathing, an ultrasound had already been done just before showing that he had evolved, but this had been put down to an interpretation error by the ultrasound scanner.

They put it on me and waited for it to die because it was too small to be taken care of and to have any chance of survival, but against all odds, this tiny little baby survived, developed without any medical help and thwarted all the prognoses...


Hello Camille,

You did the right thing by submitting your dream to us. You should know that dreams of miscarriage are not necessarily linked to the arrival of a newborn in your real life. I will give you right away the meanings of the symbols of your dream.

First of all Camille, dreaming of becoming pregnant symbolizes a project concerning you, on a personal or professional level. Your subconscious mind is inviting you to remain vigilant concerning opportunities that you will soon be able to seize.

This ultrasound you are seeing symbolizes the impatient expectation of an important event that is to happen soon, and that will lead you to a long and fruitful life. Your subconscious is urging you to take action now to achieve this ideal.

The birth that occurs in this dream is a good omen. Indeed, it is a sign that a happy event will occur and will positively influence your life. Only you must be careful about the actions you take, hence the miscarriage that occurs.

Indeed Camille this miscarriage simply symbolizes the risk of seeing this project being doomed to failure. Your subconscious invites you to be careful.

This premature baby is the symbol that there is a personal or professional situation that scares you. It is also a sign of a project that either scares you or seems too big for you. Your subconscious is inviting you to devote yourself fully to it.

The good news in your dream is the presence of this breathing baby, it symbolizes a new beginning, an important life change.

In the end Camille, your subconscious is inviting you to question yourself, the bad medical diagnosis symbolizes a hidden guilt on your part following past events.


William William



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