The creek, the black water and the cliff

The creek, the black water and the cliff





Last night I dreamed that I arrived on a beach, a cove to be precise. I was trying to settle on the beach, between the people already settled but they were all stuck to each other, there was a lot of people for this small beach.

Then a man (I don't know who) called me from far away, he was on this same beach but at the place where he was, there were plenty of places because nobody was around him. So I tried to reach him, not by walking on the sand (= logical) but by going by the water's edge.

I was walking with difficulty with only my elbows, because the water was black, and I was afraid of the void, afraid to fall because the edge of the water was like a cliff in the water.

I woke up because of my alarm clock and would like someone to guide me on this dream. I hope I was understandable and thanks in advance for your feedback ?


Hello Trala P,

Thank you for taking the time to share your dream with us. First of all, I want to reassure you that your dream does not portend anything bad. However, it does invite you to do some introspection in order to work on yourself.

The beach of which you dreamed symbolizes the border between your conscious and your unconscious. In this place, the ground is less stable, which means that you are in the middle of an uncertain situation in your life.

Another interesting fact about your dream is that you find yourself walking by the water. In your dream, walking on a beach by the water heralds a bright future in many areas. In other words, Trala P, you may be on the verge of ending the difficulties you have been experiencing.

However, in order to take advantage of this opportunity, it is clear that you will need to do some work on yourself to identify and resolve your internal conflicts and fears.

This is what the black water symbolizes. Indeed, you are at a very important stage in your life and you should not make the wrong choices because you are stressed or under pressure.

However, you have the opportunity to emerge victorious from your turmoil if you are willing to mature and understand that you cannot have control over all events.

Trala P, it is time for you to accept things as they come and especially to let go. This is what your fear of falling into the void symbolizes.


Anne Anne



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