The King of Chains and the Golden Dove

The King of Chains and the Golden Dove

Kolbeinn Þór



I dreamt I was with my family and we were doing gardening at home, all of a sudden I flew up above them as someone arrived and then I swithed dimensions but was in the same garden.

There was the spiritual pope and I was in chains, crawling with a golden crown on my forehead which was burning my skin on the forehead to leave a mark.

I had a golden cane that had golden metal dove on it and i klanged the dove to iron bars 3 times. I was asking for forgiveness and a royalty jumped down to kiss me and give me forgiveness.

What does it mean? Thank you.


Hello Kolbeinn,

You should know that the dream you had is representative of your present life, but also of your future life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

To dream at the same time of flight from your family, of humiliation and forgiveness, raises real questions. It must have surprised you.

Nevertheless, be positive and especially attentive to what I am going to reveal to you. You will be reassured to know the interpretation that emerges from your dream.

Kolbeinn, dreaming of flight is synonymous with freedom, with lightness. Your subconscious wishes to relieve you. Therefore, you need to unburden yourself of a set of constraints that are currently weighing on you.

Take some distance from your current reality, this will give you the opportunity to visualize the blockages that prevent you from finding serenity. Allow yourself time to appreciate what life has to offer.

Next, your dream presents you with a humiliation that you are experiencing, featuring royal gold objects that you are wearing. This indicates a meteoric rise ahead. However, this should not cause you to lose the consideration of those close to you. It will be a matter of always being guided by common sense.

Kolbeinn the presence of the spiritual pope, and your family is not insignificant. It refers to outside people. They are people who observe you and judge your actions. This is to make you remain the humble person you have always been.

This dream, although distressing, announces a bright future, but it also points out the importance that you must give to human values.

Know how to make the difference and keep your feet on the ground.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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