Violent death of a person

Violent death of a person




I dreamed that a person I had a crush on long ago died from a head shot.

Those who were there delayed in calling for help. Those who arrived were not real helpers, but "spies," crooks. I escape.

I get help in evading them from friends, who "climb" my house so that the scammers do not see me.

I then find myself elsewhere, in a kind of group summer camp, where it is necessary to find one's own room, but we get it wrong again and again.

Meanwhile comes the news that the boy who had been shot is dead. And I cry, I grieve, I call his name.

Then I remember a walk in the village with nuns teaching outdoor classes, stones thrown on the roof of a castle, dark aristocratic rooms that were "expansion" of my house that I would like to do work on.

I joke and laugh with these people I am around with, but I always have the sadness of the death of the boy from the beginning.


Hello Laura,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. The death of someone close to you is very painful. Especially when it's someone you have a crush on.

By analyzing your dream, your subconscious mind reveals major changes in your life. I'll give you the meaning of the symbols in your dream right away.

The violent death of your crush may be a sign of anxiety about the future of your current relationship. Unconsciously, you may want to put an end to it. But if you're single, you may be afraid of committing to someone.

It's also a sign of a lack of self-confidence. So you need to be more assertive, and stop letting disturbing thoughts and the fear of other people's gaze get the better of you.

In the next part of your dream, seeing spies instead of help may be an omen of betrayal and deception. It means you're about to part company with friends who don't deserve your trust. In this case, your subconscious is urging you to exercise caution and discretion to avoid trouble.

As for your presence at this summer camp, it's a sign of your desire to live in tranquillity and share your experience with people from different backgrounds. You feel the need to get away from it all.

Finally, dreaming of nuns is a symbol of purity. In the near future, many changes will take place in your life. And if you can't find your inner peace, your subconscious is inviting you to associate with virtuous people.

Laura, remember that you're going through a period of transition professionally, socially and emotionally. Always surround yourself with positive people.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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