Witch who attacks my son

Witch who attacks my son




I saw that my mother is a witch and she wanted to attack my son. And I fought against her.

I said some serious things to her but she is unable to hurt me. That's when I woke up. Please explain this dream


Hello Jonas

Thank you for sharing your dream. Contrary to what you may imagine, the symbols you saw in this dream are not necessarily about your mother. I'll give you more details about the interpretation of your dream.

This woman witch you see is not your mother, in reality it is the representation of a person who wants to harm you in your real life.

This person particularly wants to see you suffer and your subconscious wants to alert you to this so that you pay a little more attention.

If your mother seems to be hurting your son, it is a sign that there is some confusion in your life right now.

Your subconscious mind is alerting you to the fact that there are a number of situations that you may not be aware of.

It also symbolizes family conflicts that have not yet been resolved. You must take this seriously.

This discomfort you feel refers to the difficulties of life. It is a sign that you are struggling to be yourself.

Your subconscious mind invites you to be careful, because you may be in an unconscious situation of self-destruction

If you are fighting with your mother, it symbolizes a strong opposition to you. This opposition may come from someone around you, but it may also be internal.

In the latter case, it is an opposition with yourself.

In the end Jonas, this argument you have with your mother symbolizes your desire to improve your relationship with her.

It is also a sign that you often tend to shirk your responsibilities in waking life. Your subconscious is inviting you to be more willing to solve problems


William William



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