My mother passed away

My mother passed away




My mother passed away few months back. I am dreaming a lot about her but yesterday the dream I saw was very strange.

It was so real that I felt her presence beside me.

I could feel her.She called my name and she was blie in colour.


Hello Shveta,

Your dream of seeing your mother again, who left you a few months ago, is a deeply moving experience that speaks of the indissoluble bond that persists even after the departure of a loved one.

Your mother's presence, so vivid that you could feel her call, underlines the strength of the connection you shared.

It's as if, beyond the distance created by death, she still found a way to touch you, to talk to you, to reassure you.

Blue, the color of her dress in your dream, is rich in symbolism.

It evokes serenity, peace, healing and, sometimes, the spiritual.

Seeing your mother wrapped in this hue may suggest that she is at peace, or it may reflect your own quest for consolation, comfort in the grieving process.

Perhaps it's a sign that she continues to watch over you, guiding you through the veils of the afterlife.

It may also express your need for closure, to feel her presence one last time, to hear her voice calling your name.

It's an intimate moment, a silent but powerful dialogue between two worlds, reminding you that true love knows no end.

Your mother, in blue, appearing so real to you, is perhaps there to tell you that she's not really gone, that her spirit, her love, remains with you, enveloping you in peace and healing.

Shveta, this dream is a gift, a sign that the bond between you and your mother transcends the boundaries of life and death.

It invites you to open your heart to the healing process, to accept the peace she brings you, even in her absence.

It's a reminder that, in the complex web of life and beyond, we remain connected to those we love, guided by their light, their strength, and by the immeasurable love that binds us to them.

Embrace the messages of this dream, Shveta.

Let them guide you to healing, reminding you that love, like your mother's spirit, remains eternal, always enveloping you in its gentle blue presence.

Respectfully yours,

William William



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