Dream of an angel : meanings and symbolic interpretations

Dream of an angel : meanings and symbolic interpretations

Everyone dreams in their sleep, some remember them and others don't, some give them a lot of importance and others forget them very quickly as soon as they wake up!

And yet, a dream is often heavy with meaning.

This last one can translate an unhappiness, say a lot about his personality or predict the future in some cases.

You will have understood, the imaginary of the man in his sleep has a great importance.

In this article, we will take a closer look at angelic dreams.

What do angels symbolize in dreams? Or what are the possible interpretations of these divine representations?

Find the answers in the following.

Video meaning of dreaming of an angel

What does an angel symbolize in dreams as a rule?

The complete symbolism of the angel in a dream

An angel according to the spiritual aspect is a messenger from heaven who guides and protects man.

The latter is represented by a non-human form that belongs to our imagination.

These spirit creatures in different traditions and cultures are all intermediaries between Gods and us humans, who have the role of transmitting the divine will.

Depending on the culture and religion, the angel is not visible to humans, but can take on a human appearance in dreams. The representation of an angel is often a creature dressed in white with wings.

Imaginary character, messenger, tempter or fallen angel, this one can take many forms.

But, when an angel invites himself into the dreams of man, what does it mean?

The angel in dreams can have different interpretations, this divine symbol can testify the desire to flee a problem encountered in life or on the contrary, would be due to the approach of the man of his previous conscience.

To be clear, dreaming of the appearance of an angel is a dialogue or even a questioning with one's inner self.

The latter would symbolize your conscience or even the child in you in your dreams.

But, on the other hand, a pretty girl is said to be an angel, by her purity, innocence and kindness.

From this point of view, the angel in dreams can be synonymous with finding love or just the affection that one can feel for someone.

This type of dream also announces a great upheaval in your life, because an angel is above all a guide who will bring you help and will take your hand to better accompany you in the obstacles you will encounter.

Seeing an angel can also indicate a need for protection and support after a difficult event.

The main interpretations of an angel dream

The main interpretations of the angel in a dream

Find without delay the main interpretations of an angel dream :

  • an angel in dreams can symbolize a growing family, especially for a married woman ;
  • an angel in your dreams is a warning that someone close to you wants to harm you ;
  • seeing an angel in dreams can bring good news ;
  • seeing a dark angel in dreams means you should be wary ;
  • contemplating an angel in your dreams symbolizes the realization of a wish ;
  • seeing a happy angel in dreams means that you will soon get out of a problem or be out of trouble ;
  • to dream of being accompanied by an angel means that a chance will come to you in your life ;
  • talking with an angel in your dreams is a sign of a positive future event.

It has been proven that it is mostly women who dream of angels, although men can also have this type of dream.

As a general rule, dreaming of an angel always symbolizes something positive in one's life. But, as for the message that the latter sends back, they are diverse.

The angel plays the role of advisor, guide and benevolent presence that holds your hand and sometimes your own consciousness. Dreaming of this divine being is therefore a message to be taken seriously, but no need to be alarmed!

The different interpretations of an angel dream

Different interpretations of an angel apparition in a dream

To know the meaning of a dream with an angel, you will have to take into account the studies of great philosophers who have marked their generations.

As for your subconscious, taking into account your current state of mind, your personality, as well as your feelings are also key criteria to be able to interpret your dreams.

It is important to know that angels can also be messengers from your subconscious mind that bring you revelations, clarifications and knowledge about yourself.

As you can see, dreams are far from being an exact science and the interpretation of dreams in humans can differ from one person to another.

This is why, in order to better understand the appearance of this divine being in your dreams, you must take into account the different interpretations that can be found in religions, but also in the words of the greatest philosophers, such as Freud.

The interpretation of the angel in dreams according to Carl Gustav Jung

The angel in a dream according to Carl Jung

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who was passionate about dream interpretations. Following a seminar with his students, he published several works on the soul and especially his own vision of dreams.

According to this renowned psychiatrist, the angel is a key archetype, which would symbolize a representation of the dreamer.

Jung also puts forward an important distinction between the luminous, which is in fact a high representation of light, and therefore symbolizes a path towards its consciousness.

And on the other hand, the luminous that surpasses the light would be the symbol of an ascent towards a better relationship of oneself with one's surroundings.

In a few words, according to Jung, seeing an angel in one's dream is immediately linked to one's relationship with one's inner self, which could take many forms.

But, as mentioned above, this Swiss psychiatrist refers to Freud's dream interpretations, which we will tell you more about throughout this article.

The interpretation of the angel in dreams according to Freud

Freud and dream analysis with an angel

Sigmund Freud is an Austrian neurologist, a true pillar of psychoanalysis, who had a considerable impact on the development of this science.

Concerning the interpretation of dreams, a true reference in the field, Freud also developed different psychoanalytical methods allowing a better understanding of the meaning of dreams that can be found in his various works.

If you want to know more, here is the Freudian interpretation of the angel in dreams.

For Freud, angels have the same role as ghosts.

These divine forms would recall an abstract image of parents in their children. But unlike ghosts, which are imaginary creatures created to frighten us, Freud gives a more positive and benevolent image of angels, similar to the image of a mother cradling her child, reassuring and protecting it from demons and malevolent beings.

Clearly, for Freud, the angel in dreams is a protective and benevolent being who has traits that are very similar to parents, especially the mother.

The interpretation of the dreams of angels according to Nostradamus

The symbolism of the angel according to nostradamus

Nostradamus, the famous physician of the renaissance era, brings us a complete interpretation of the dreams of angels.

Dreaming of an angel is directly linked to a need for radical change in one's life, always on the positive side.

The angel is a harbinger of a coming transformation, in addition to its pure, benevolent, protective and divine side.

This imaginary creature would also be a protector and a guide for man.

If you ever dream of an angel all in white, it is a harbinger of positive events to come in your life.

On the other hand, if an angel in black appears in your dreams, the meaning would be the opposite and it would be necessary for the dreamer to be suspicious and to be on guard.

Dreaming of a demon is also a bad omen, so you will have to be on your guard, protect yourself from those around you and be careful with your actions.

The angel in dreams could therefore be synonymous with good and evil, depending on its color. It is therefore important to take into account the messages.

This divine being in white would portend good news, while in black, it would represent more of a warning.

If you dream of an angel crying, it will mean that you will have to question yourself, think about your actions and their repercussions.

To dream of being an angel is a sign of great divinity and that the sleeper is on the right path.

When an angel flies away in your dreams, it means that you are a target of reproaches from your close relations or your entourage and that you will have to review your actions.

Finally, if the angel in your dreams is smiling and expressing sympathy for you, it announces that your future lover will be beautiful and that good fortune and success await you.

The interpretation of angel dreams in psychoanalysis

In psychoanalysis, an angel is an auspicious messenger and harbinger of positive news in your dreams.

This divine creature will protect you, soothe you and offer you the help you need. To dream of being accompanied by an angel indicates a new opportunity that will be offered to you soon, perhaps to find love, a new path will open to you or even professional success or any other evolution. This may differ from one person to another, depending on the context of the dream in which you are.

No matter what change awaits you, the most important thing is to know that the angel in your dreams is only indicating something positive. This evolution will be neither painful nor traumatic to live.

Some details in the dreams of angels

Some more details on angel dreams

Dreaming of an angel always has a very special meaning, as these divine creatures are very common in different religions and cultures.

No matter if you are a believer or not, dreaming of an angel will certainly have a meaning for you.

Now that we have done the trick concerning the different interpretations that an angel can have in dreams, it is important to bring more precision in the appearance of this creature in your dreams, acts and appearances, in order to know more about its real meaning.

To know the exact meaning of your dreams, it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions.

  • What did this angel look like in your dreams?
  • What was he wearing? What was he doing?
  • What was the color of his wings?
  • What was the angel holding in his hand?
  • How many angels have appeared in your dreams?

It is necessary to know that until now, you had a global interpretation of the angels in your dreams, and if we pass to a more thorough explanation on the representation of this divine creature in your dreams?

In order to do this, you would need to tell us about your angel dreams in more detail.

For this, we propose a more common description of the main dreams of angels. When we dream of an angel, we tend to keep in mind its appearance, it is usually winged, dressed in white, but sometimes it can take a different form.

This is an excellent way to understand the message conveyed by your dreams.

What does the color of the angel mean in dreams?

What does the color of an angel represent in a dream?

Concerning the dream of an angel dressed in white, you should know that this color is a symbol of goodness, peace and purity.

Seeing an angel in this appearance is often a positive omen.

If you are going through a difficult time in your life, a white angel is a sign of healing and that something positive is waiting for you.

If you dream of an angel dressed in colorful clothes, this is a sign of joy to show you that the time of mourning is completely over, and that it is time to take a bite out of life, because a lot of positive things await you.

After this dream you should expect good things, health, good fortune and happiness.

Who knows, maybe a promotion in your job or even a nice meeting.

However, if you dream of an angel in black, this message is a warning that does not bode well.

You will have to take measures to protect yourself and be more vigilant, a review is necessary after this type of dream.

This angel in black can also be linked to deep unhappiness, uncertainty, as well as to the obstacles you are facing in your life.

If you are going through a bad patch or suffering from depression, seeing a dark angel in your dreams is an encouragement to think positive and chase away all the doubts and dark feelings that surround you.

What is the angel holding in his hands in your dreams?

Dreaming of seeing an angel with a sword

In addition to its physical characteristics, an angel can carry a message when it appears in your dreams, holding an object in its hands, which will have a logical meaning for the dreamer.

So remember to pay attention to what the angel is holding to better understand its symbolism in your dreams.

If the angel has a sword in his hands in your dream, you should know that it symbolizes war in dreams.

In a way, this last one encourages you to face the challenges of life and not to let yourself be annihilated by certain obstacles. An angel with a sword is therefore a support and encouragement for the dreamer.

The angel is holding food or even something to drink, this does not mean that you are hungry, but rather see the spiritual side of the message your subconscious is giving you.

Indeed, this dream means more that you are exhausted not physically, but spiritually and that you need to take a step back and especially to rest.

What if the angel held an olive branch in his hands?

Dream with an angel holding an olive branch in his hands as a sign of peace

It means victory and peace, but not only that! An olive branch in dreams can also convey a message of encouragement and hope, guiding you to future victories in your life.

Finally, we will talk about the appearance of an angel in your dreams, with a scroll in his hands.

This object is a symbol of great knowledge. The message through this object is to make decisions to move forward in life and especially to have confidence in oneself.

In short, a dream can be a harbinger of many things. If you see an angel in your dreams, remember what it looks like to better understand the message.

Dreaming of several angels: what does this dream mean?

What does it mean to see several angels in a dream?

Dreaming of one angel or dreaming of many angels has a different meaning in the interpretation of dreams.

Although seeing only one divine being is most common, you may one day see several in your dreams, symbolizing a specific message.

If 3 angels appear in your dreams, they symbolize the divine trinity. According to a spiritual aspect, you are called to be more in harmony with yourself to somehow improve the meaning of your life.

If you are led to see even more angels in your dreams, again, their meaning is totally different. But, rest assured! These are positive.

The divine realm that invites itself into your dreams is synonymous with happiness, good fortune and strength. It will offer you the protection you need to achieve your goals in life.

Dream of a happy or sad angel: what is its meaning?

What is the significance of seeing a sad or happy angel?

Let's move on to the emotion that an angel transmits to you during its appearance in your dreams.

This can be a positive sign or a warning.

Indeed, you will have to take into account all the details of your dreams in order to have the most accurate meaning possible.

Let's take the example of a sad, unhappy or crying angel, it is never a good omen.

It means that you are in disgrace or that you have used shady or dishonest means to get what you want in life.

So this dream is a kind of warning. If you are in this case, you are probably going out of your way, it is perhaps a message from your subconscious. So remember to pay attention to it.

This dream can also have another interpretation depending on the context.

It means that you have abandoned or disappointed close people or family who needed or relied on you, and that you need to make up for it at any cost.

In short, seeing a sad angel in your dreams is a reminder to be more honest and treat people better in your daily life.

So think again, if you have seen this type of angel in your dreams, as it is clearly a wake-up call.

If you see a happy or cheerful angel smiling at you in your dreams, it's good news, all is well with you.

This predicts positive events to come, whether in your love life or in your professional life.

This dream also predicts that you will do great things, maybe meet someone, or achieve a personal or professional goal, and who knows, even get a promotion.

Many other meanings exist when you dream of an angel, all depending on the context and the action of this divine being.

For example, if the angel sings in your dreams, it symbolizes healing. If this imaginary creature flies away, you will face admonishment soon.

Dreaming of being in the skin of an angel

In case you find yourself in the skin of an angel in your dreams, a positive event and even a great honor awaits you. This means that you are on the right path.

Finally, if you ever dream that an angel frightens you, it means that you are involved in dubious affairs or that you are going to have a great misfortune.

So be vigilant and challenge yourself.

A dream can be a kind of good omen, but also a warning. So think about taking a closer look!

Meanings of the different categories of angels in dreams

Deciphering the symbolism of the angel in dreams according to its category

It is well known that a dream never represents what it is. To see an angel in one's dreams means that there is an image hidden behind this divine being, which can represent a distant memory, a current state of mind, a buried feeling or even the foreshadowing of an event to come.

Hence the importance of taking all the information on the meaning of dreams in order to better adapt it to your person, your experience and your current phase in life.

To have a more universal vision of divine dreams which include angels, sacred creatures and mythologies, it is necessary to know that all these representations lead towards an image of the absolute, the existence of another dimension which exceeds us or spirituality.

In dreams, everything that represents angels, gods or other saints are symbols of divine protections.

They surround the dreamer, reassure him, guide him and love him so that he feels safe and protected.

In moments of turmoil or doubt, seeing a divine representation such as an angel or god demonstrates the need for appeasement and to feel surrounded and helped by the dreamer.

An angel is always benevolent, especially if it has come in white, the color of goodness.

So you know that seeing this divine creature in your dreams will only be comforting to you, no matter what situation you are in.

If an angel accompanies you in your dreams, the representation of the angel is that your subconscious mind is sending you a soothing and comforting message after a difficult time in your life, to tell you that everything is going to be okay.

So it's very comforting.

If the angel takes you by the hand and takes you with him in your dreams, it means that you have a lot of worries at the moment and that you need comfort and rest.

Seeing saints in your dream

Dreaming of a saint in the kingdom of angels

As for the saints in dreams, their representations depend on your traditions and beliefs.

Let's take the example of Saint Anthony, this one is more of a support during the loss of something or a loved one.

As for Saint Therese according to her reputation, her meaning in dreams is more to bring maternal support, balance in your life and reassuring protection.

In general, the presence of saints in dreams is an expression of your subconscious of a need to be loved, surrounded and reassured, as well as protected in the face of the problems you encounter in life.

An angel can take different forms in dreams and each one has its own meaning. Here are the main aspects of an angel that we can see in dreams.

The statue or figurine of an angel in dreams

Meaning of dreaming of an angel statue

Dreaming of an angel is quite common, this one can appear in human form in your dreams or as a decorative element, such as a statue or figurine, which has a certain meaning during the interpretation.

An angel statue in dreams represents the serene and tranquil setting in which the dreamer is currently living.

But, if the statue in question is in a church in your dreams, it rejects to a more spiritual interpretation.

This means that the sleeper is in a complex situation and needs help, advice or even support.

Child angels in dreams

The complete symbolism of seeing a child angel in a dream

The child in dreams is linked to the vitality of the sleeper. To see him in your dreams is synonymous with a new project or a change, which is always positive.

But, what about the interpretation of a child angel in dreams?

A child represented as an angel in dreams is synonymous with goodness, purity and innocence.

This means that you are well surrounded and that your loved ones will accompany you in your good and bad moments.

This type of dream is therefore very reassuring for the sleeper.

This dream also means that you will be able to get help from your friends or others soon to solve your problems.

The angel of death in dreams

Interpretation of dreaming about the angel of death

Although the presence of angels in your dreams often has a benevolent and positive interpretation, this explanation of dreams is not valid for some malevolent angels that show you bad faith or have a frightening appearance, such as the angel of death, fallen or ill-fated.

This type of dream symbolizes that the sleeper has a lack of self-confidence, is in a difficult situation or has lost some positive values in their life.

Dreaming of a dead angel is not a good sign, because it is the subconscious that alarms the dreamer about his or her malaise. It is therefore a signal not to be taken lightly.

Disguise yourself as an angel in your dreams

What is the meaning of being dressed as an angel?

Being in disguise in a dream is often the subconscious mind that transmits a message to the dreamer, all depends on the disguise that the person puts on.

To see oneself as an angel in one's dreams is a common projection of the dreamer which, in fact, reflects his fears, anxieties and worries that he encounters in his daily life.

The disguise is thus a kind of hiding place for the sleeper, or even a flip-flop.

However, the interpretations of angel dreams are to be adapted according to the dreamer, that is to say his life experience and his current context.

For example, if a person dreams of dressing up as an angel and feels bad, that no one listens to him or her, or worse, that he or she cannot remove the angel disguise, the meaning of this dream is that the person is suffering from past bad experiences or a deeper malaise.

In case you are unable to remove this disguise in the dream, this is a bad omen.

Being in the skin of an angel in a dream can have several meanings. It will depend mostly on your state of mind.

Now you know everything about angel dreams, including their interpretation according to the context and situation of the dreamer!


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