Meaning of water in a dream: the different interpretations

Meaning of water in a dream: the different interpretations

Water is an element that is always present in our daily lives, it is manifested in the rain, the sea, the water we drink, etc..

Together with fire, earth and air, it is the founding element that constitutes the world in which we live.

You have probably already dreamed at least once about water in its different forms, but you are not always able to find the meaning of the dream that your subconscious mind transmits to you.

There can be many meanings, whether they are good or bad omens, and it is mostly a way for many people to understand what is really going on with their subconscious, which is trying to send them a message.

There are even several religions that link the presence of water in a dream to a synonym of benevolence, wealth, or even love, etc.

You may have a dream where you drink a glass of water, or where you walk over the sea, this is a normal manifestation that can be present in many people.

There may be psychoanalysts on this subject, in order to give a reason for this. So we will try to explain them according to the different researches we have done on this subject.

It should be noted that this is by no means an exact science, but rather studies of spirituality that have been applied.

Video of the meaning of dreaming of water

Dreams are a kind of transcription of what your subconscious is experiencing, you may sometimes, or even very often, wake up in the middle of the night feeling very thirsty, as if you had just finished running a very long marathon.

Even if the weather is not very warm, and you are in a fairly cool room in winter, you drink a big glass of water to feel better.

Then when you wake up, you remember having a dream that seems strange to you with a lot of water surrounding you, it is a key element of all our dreams:

  • Let it sink ;
  • Whether you swim in the beach ;
  • Whether you are swimming in a pool ;
  • Whether you are walking by a river, etc.

Dreams that have to do with water can have many meanings depending on how water manifested itself in your dream.

This is a variant of dreaming that ranges from the mundane to the crazy, but that you can't control in any way. That's why it's best to learn about the meaning of water when you dream about it.

In any case, every dream that has any relationship with water certainly has a meaning that can be explained.

Just as there are different dreams every time you sleep, their meaning may refer to an emotion that you are burying deep within your being, without even realizing it, or omens of misfortune or happiness to come in your life.

Signs and information to give meaning to water in a dream

Discover the information on the meaning of water

However, it is a little difficult to know the real reason for dreaming of water, whatever its form, but it is very often a way of expressing your unconscious.

The various meanings that water can have in a dream are by no means an exact science, there have been no studies done on this or examinations to explain why and how this is possible.

For many believers, this may be a message from God Almighty, while for others, it is your inner spirit trying to send you a message.

On the other hand, to try to explain what it means, there are multiple signs and information that you should always take into account, such as your current state of mind, at the time you went to bed, your situation at the time also plays a fairly important role.

We will look at some of the meanings of water depending on how it manifested in your dream.

The meaning of water in a dream according to its clarity

the interpretation of the water flow according to its clarity

We all know that water can be present in different colors, and can also be very clear, to the point of being transparent, or present itself in a very dark color that turns to midnight blue.

It may be a detail that you think it is impossible to remember when you wake up, but you should know that the human being's subconscious is much more developed than you imagine.

So, if in your dream you notice that the water present is very clean, clear and drinkable, this is a very good sign, because it can mean that you are going to have a lot of good news in the near or distant future.

Nothing is certain, but what you should know is that this good news is related to your happiness in life on the sentimental side, and more particularly in love.

Having a dream where you see clear and clean water is a very good thing, you are at a point in your life where everything is working well and nothing is going wrong, you have a very good balance and you have found a mental well being that you absolutely must keep.

However, in case you had the same type of dream, but you don't feel at your best, don't be pessimistic, know that this is still good news, because you will surely feel better in the future in terms of mental health, as well as in your love life.

On the other hand, in case you have a dream in which the water is quite cloudy, it is probably a symbol of stress, anxiety and worry, which does not leave you alone.

This is an omen that is very negative in your life, and especially in what you are starting professionally, the atmosphere is not very good in this aspect of your life.

It is strongly advised to take your time when making decisions about your work. Your personal relationships can also be impacted by this type of dream where the water present is very murky, so you should think carefully before acting.

Meaning of muddy and dirty water in a dream

Significance of dirty water in a shower

In another aspect, you can have dreams that manifest with water that is dirty to the point of being muddy, and as you can imagine, this does not bode well.

This is an omen that is very negative in your life, and especially in what you are starting professionally, the atmosphere is not very good in this aspect of your life.

It is then highly recommended to take your time when making decisions for your work.

Your personal relationships can also be impacted by this type of dream where the water present is very murky, so you need to take more time to find yourself.

Your dreams can also be nightmares, you find yourself in an empty house with a very scary atmosphere.

You then notice a small spot of water, and you think of going there to refresh your face. Once you take this water in your hands, you notice that its color suddenly turns black, black as oil, this is obviously a bad sign that has to do with your health.

This aspect of your dreams can mean a concern at this level, do not take this type of dreams lightly, go see a doctor.

Meaning of water in a dream through an action

Meaning of water through an action in a dream

When we talk about actions through which the manifestation of water has happened in your dreams, we necessarily want to know how the water appeared, in what form, what you were doing with it, if it was a pool, the sea, or a river, if you were swimming or if you were drinking it, showering or just contemplating it.

It is the actions that also play a very important role in helping to explain the meaning of water.

We can then derive crucial information that can easily determine all possible interpretations.

In the first place, if in your dream you are drinking water that is very cold and comes from the spring, this is an excellent sign your life is very calm, harmonious, but above all stable.

We are all looking for happiness and stability, and this kind of dream is always a good omen.

On the other hand, if the water you drink in your dream is of high temperature, then you should be very careful, it is an omen that reflects stress in your daily life, as well as illness that could occur in a very unexpected and serious way.

Hot water in a dream sometimes means fever, and fever is never a good sign when you get sick.

Then, if the manifestation of water in your dream is present when you look at the sea, you are then noticing that its water is very smooth and calm, without any waves to move it, this is a symbol that means that you are going to live very soon a very calm and peaceful life, it is the same feeling that you feel in the depths of your being when you look at the sea in this way.

However, the meaning may be quite the opposite in case you notice in your dream a very rough sea, with potentially stormy weather and very heavy rain, so it is an explanation for events that may happen in your life and turn it upside down.

In other words, you will encounter obstacles and many pitfalls that will somehow complicate your life, so you must be ready to face them while always keeping your goals in mind, and do not give up.

Meaning of water in a dream in the form of a river

interpretation of water as a river in a dream

If the presence of water in your dreams manifests itself as a stream in a river passing by at high speed, don't be afraid, it's a very good sign.

This represents passion and a passionate love that will fall upon you, it is also a way to show that your life is very lively, with events that make you very happy in your daily life.

So, in case you see yourself swimming in that stream and crossing it quite fluidly and quickly, while embracing the movements of the water, this is also very good news that can result in distractions in your life that can make it more enjoyable and easy to live for you, while brightening your mind.

Meaning of water in a dream in case you are in it

The meaning of being in water in a dream

It is very pleasant to have a dream in which you are swimming in an ocean that refreshes your body, you dive in and have a nice time, but when you wake up, you have a little feeling of cold, because it is winter.

Don't worry, this is not a dream that predicts bad news or misfortune in your life.

However, this is not an interpretation that will make you happy either.

Your subconscious is simply trying to help you understand that :

  • You need to be more open to others ;
  • To know how to communicate in a better way ;
  • As well as a need to express what you feel.

This type of dream where water is present in the form of an ocean in which you are immersed, can also highlight your attachment to your past life.

Perhaps to an event that has marked you. If you have a dream like this, you may have a desire to go back to your past to tie up some loose ends that have passed between you.

We can give you one piece of advice that you should not neglect, you must externalize and express to your entourage what you feel deep inside.

In another plane, you can have a dream in which you are lying in the water, like when you are doing the plank to catch your breath in the open sea and relax, this is a way to relax your body and let go as well, this position always feels good.

However, your subconscious is trying to make you understand something else, the dream you are having symbolizes the exact opposite, it means that you are a person who stresses a lot, and very often for trivial things that happen in your daily life. You worry a lot about senseless details and you never manage to give yourself a rest.

Moreover, the water that appears in your dreams in this way can also explain why your nights are very often agitated to the point where you can't get enough sleep, you also have a lot of insomnia with your brain that never stops turning.

You must then get rid of these parasites that consume all your energy during the day, as well as at night before you sleep.

Take some time for yourself, do yoga and relaxation exercises that will help you let go, like when you're wakeboarding in the sea.

Meaning of water in a dream as upheaval

Dreaming of water an upheaval arrives like a waterfall

It is good news if you have the presence of water in your dreams, however, there are cases that are in the minority, but are still present and portend bad news, even catastrophic.

We can take for example a dream in which you are going to have an image of your house in flood, due to a natural disaster, or you are dreaming that you are drowning, so you wake up having a lump in your stomach, and you are totally right to feel fear, because this type of dream means a close peril that will happen to you.

The water damage that appeared in your dreams is a way that your unconscious mind uses to warn you of the misfortune that is going to fall on your life, you must be careful with yourself, but also with your entourage.

Now, if you have a dream in which you have a tidal wave, this is not at all a good sign for your mental health, i.e. this type of dream is very revealing of what your mind may be going through now, or in the near future.

Your subconscious is trying to warn you that you are going to undergo a very big upheaval in your life, which is going to risk suffocating you and you are therefore going to feel a very big need for freedom, whether it is in the family, professional or love area.

The tidal wave is in no way a premonitory dream, but a revelation of your state, you must then take care of yourself, by refocusing on yourself to try the best you can to avoid the shock of this upheaval.

Finally, drowning in a dream is always synonymous with danger that will come to upset and disturb all your quite peaceful life, you must take your precautions.

To conclude, it should be noted that all the meanings of water in dreams are not an exact science, but they are there to try to help each person to be able to recognize themselves in them.


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