Meanings of the dream of fish

Meanings of the dream of fish

Dreams can take different forms and take place in different contexts; you can dream of people, terror scenarios or even fish!!
The fish is a sign of destiny, anticipating future events, victories or an awkward situation. For example, if you dream of a fish swimming in pure, clear water, it means you're about to make new discoveries and achieve new goals.
Finally, there are many meanings to fish dreams; let's look at a few below.

Spiritual meanings of the fish in the water

Let's start with something that's very important to many people: the spirit! A fish can mean many things on a spiritual level. Indeed, it can represent fertility, rebirth, the unconscious or supreme self, change, luck, health and feelings.

Fish is also associated with the nature of water, which represents stability, balance and tranquility. Water is often considered an essential element for the body and can be used to relieve strong emotions and unwanted bodily changes. On the other hand, water can symbolize delirium and wholeness, and its vast scope can lend it elements of darkness and mystery.

Thus, because of its strong relationship with water, the fish has different meanings. While water masks many difficult life choices thanks to its spatial effect, the fish serves as a guide who knows the unknown world. It can serve as a spiritual beacon, offering stability in the face of misfortune.

In fact, fish can be a good sign to follow your intuition in difficult times. So pay attention to your instinctive reaction if you identify strongly with the fish, or if you see fish appearing more often in your dreams. Finally, don't let your thoughts influence you if your intuition tells you that something is wrong, that you're at a crossroads or that your life is going badly.

Meaning of fish dreams according to Asian culture

In Asian culture, fish is often considered a sign of wealth and success. In addition, the fish is a spiritual message of peace, happiness and comfort in life.

In Chinese culture, the interpretation of fish in dreams can signify the possibility of achieving prosperity or tranquility in real life.

In Japan, fish dreams represent wealth, good fortune and the ability to overcome difficulties.

In India, fish symbolism is associated with creation and change. Fish represent the flow of life with its diversity and change. The dream seems to remind you to embrace any change in your life and strive to transform it into what you want.
Finally, according to the meanings of fish in Asian cultures, fish dreams are usually a positive omen, implying that you have moved forward in life and will reach your goal sooner or later.

Meaning of fish dreams according to their type

Fish dreams have spiritual and cultural meanings, but they can also be expressed by the type of fish you see in the dream. In fact, there are several meanings. You'll find them in the sections below.

Dreaming of big fish

To dream of a big fish indicates that the world is testing you to see how emotionally mature you can be in the face of other people's restlessness and neglect. It's a good time to work on your ability to create personal boundaries with others, letting them know that you won't be responsible for their feelings.

This is the time to stay calm and in control of your emotions. Before making impulsive judgments, use your emotional intelligence to examine all aspects of an emotional problem. Make decisions based on who you are inside, even if it means letting others handle their own difficulties.
Also, a big fish represents the balance between your decision-making power and the softer choices of the heart. You can't use reasoning alone to solve emotional problems; you must rely on your intuition as well as your authentic nature of unconditional love, compassion and kindness.
Also, this dream signifies leadership and indicates that you have a higher level of emotional maturity than your smaller friends. This dream is about making your goals and desires a reality while considering how your actions affect others.
Finally, a big fish could also indicate a guiding energy, such as a mentor, teacher, coach, spiritual advisor, or someone pushing you to take on one of those responsibilities someone else has given you.

Dreaming of little fish

If you dream of a small fish, it means you're about to lose something. It's also possible that you'll be the victim of some kind of damage. Make sure you're prepared for what's going to happen, as small fish can represent things that don't bother you but can hurt you.

Dreaming of carp fish

The carp is a deeply symbolic animal that is sometimes represented as a totem animal. It symbolizes pride, determination, spiritual aspiration, knowledge, inspiration, rebirth and renewal.

Dreaming of a carp fish encourages you to be open-minded and curious. You'll discover new facets of your authentic personality. This will give you access to sources of inspiration and understanding that will help you grow as a person.

Because of its representation as a totem, dreaming of a carp can mean that you'll be able to access deeper mysteries of the universe, and grasp the nature of your intuitive language if you keep your mind open to all the possibilities that come beyond what you perceive in your real world.

Finally, after having a carp dream, it may be time to pursue your unattainable goal in your waking hours, and experience the beauty of your highest potential, even if it seems out of reach. A carp encourages you to embrace your childlike spirit and believe in the possibility of anything.

Dreaming of catfish

The catfish is the link that connects us to our deepest emotions. When you dream of catfish, it can signify insecurities, inadequacies and fears. This dream is intended to teach you to be patient with yourself as you adapt to new situations. So letting your emotions get in the way of overcoming problems is not a good idea.

Dreaming of multicolored fish

When you dream of a variety of multicolored fish, each one invites you to explore a new aspect of yourself.

This dream encourages you to get out and find aspects of yourself you haven't yet discovered. So try something new, sign up for a new sporting activity, art class or event you wouldn't normally take part in.

Every time you step out of your comfort zone, you better understand how to face the unknown. You become stronger the more you do it. You may also realize that you have untapped passions in life, which will make you feel rejuvenated and excited about the vast possibilities that await you.

Dreaming of a goldfish

Goldfish dreams are frequently associated with abundance, such as hidden treasures or an unexpected, delightful surprise.
When you dream of a goldfish, you may be receiving a message about the solution to an emotional difficulty, an insight or a new creative adventure. Goldfish are supposed to bring good news.
It could be a new job opportunity, a new love interest or unexpected news about a baby. Finally, a goldfish can be a sign that you need to be ready to deal with the unexpected shocks that the universe throws at you in your waking life.

Dreaming of a white fish

When you dream of a white fish, it means you'll be extremely happy in love. If you're on your own, you'll meet a very significant person and start a new relationship with him or her. If you're currently in a relationship, it will become even stronger in the future.

Meaning of fish dreams according to the situation

In addition to the types of fish in dreams, the context in which you see the dream can also play a big part in understanding the different meanings. Find out how this can manifest itself below.

Dreaming of eating a fish

If you dream of eating fish, it's a sign of good fortune, spirituality and personal vitality. To dream of preparing a fish to eat represents awareness of your spirituality and wisdom, as well as any realizations you've had.

Dreaming that a big fish tries to swallow you

If you dream that a big fish is trying to swallow you, it means that there are people in your life who are using their power to hurt you. You shouldn't put too much trust in them, as they are not your true friends.

Dreaming of being attacked by a fish

If you dream that a fish is attacking you, it means you're having emotional problems and can't cope. It also suggests an inability to control your own thoughts.

Dreaming of washing a fish

If you dream of washing a fish, it implies that you are repressing your emotions, making it difficult for others to understand you. This dream warns you not to be afraid of expressing your feelings and thoughts to others.

Dreaming of buying a fish

When you dream of buying fish, the sign is terrible. You will have health problems in the future, or a family member will be ill. A dream about buying fish can also represent greed.

Dreaming of catching a fish in muddy water

If you've had such a dream, it means you'll face many challenges and problems at work. It's likely that influential people will prevent you from achieving success.

Dreaming of killing a fish

This is a positive indication if you've ever thought of killing a fish. This dream predicts your immediate victory over your enemies.

Meaning of fish dreams according to their location

The location of the fish in your dream can also mean different things. Discover them below.

Dreaming of a fish that's not in the water

If you dream of a fish out of water, it means you're unbalanced or unhappy, or that you haven't yet accomplished your life's mission. Rather than putting your happiness in the hands of others, look for it within yourself.

Dreaming of fish in water

If you dream of fish in water, it means you're dealing with deep emotional concerns. In addition, this dream can help you understand how to deal with various problems in your waking life. In this way, you can easily overcome a number of obstacles.

Dreaming of fish in an aquarium

If you dream of fish in an aquarium, it could mean mysterious ideas about your life's purpose. You don't tell anyone what you're working on. You worry about how your colleagues and friends will react to your new projects.
Dreaming of fish in an aquarium can also indicate that you find it hard to express yourself to others. The more you keep your emotions hidden, the more comfortable you'll feel. This dream is actually a secret message from the universe telling you that you need to make a change in your life. Standing up for yourself and communicating your emotions can bring you a lot of respect.

Meaning of fish dreams according to its condition

In addition to the situation and location of the fish in your dream, the state of the fish also plays an important role in understanding the dream's meaning.

Dreaming of a dead fish

When you dream of a dead fish, it implies that you have doubts and must learn to trust your instincts. Another meaning of this dream is that to achieve true happiness, your aspirations need to be more realistic.

Dreaming of a large number of dead fish

If you see a lot of dead fish in your dream, it's a sign that you're going to be lonely, unhappy and suffering in the near future.

Dreaming of a flying fish

If you see a flying fish in your dream, it means that you will overcome all obstacles in the future.

Dreaming of a fish with legs

If you see a fish with legs in your dream, it indicates that you need to broaden your horizons. You should get on with your life and make some adjustments.

Questions to ask yourself to better understand the meaning of fish dreams?

After waking up from a fish dream, you might ask yourself the following questions to further personalize the meaning to you and the context of your fish dream:

  • What color was the fish?
  • What kind of fish did you see?
  • What happened to the fish in the dream?
  • Were there many fish or just one?
  • Were there people involved in the dream?
  • What other things happened in the dream?
  • How did you feel about the dream as a whole?

Answering these questions can help you better understand the meaning of your dream. What's more, you'll have a better idea of how the dream relates to your waking life if you can interpret the other symbols in it.


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