Door dream interpretations and meanings!

Door dream interpretations and meanings!

The door is an essential element that plays different roles: entry, exit and protection. Depending on design and decoration, the door can be either hard (metal, wood, aluminum, etc.) or in the form of a veil or mist.

The door is very present in dreams. It can represent passage, an opening to another stage or even to the interior of oneself, as well as protection, communication or blockage.

If you have a dream about doors, it's important to understand it, because its meaning is relatively important and can even give you some crucial clues.

In the following article, we'll take you through all the possible meanings of the door dream. So follow our guide to find out what the interpretation of your door dream is.

Is the door in a dream a good omen?

First of all, we need to take a look at this element to try and decipher its symbolism. So, start by knowing that the door is very important in a house. It separates the different areas of the house, and protects its inhabitants from aggression, unwanted entry and bad weather. House doors must be hard, solid and reliable.

Other doors offer a certain degree of privacy (notably the bedroom door or the bathroom/WC door).

Passing through a doorway, we move from one space to another, completely different (from outside to inside, from living room to bedroom, etc.).

So, in dreams, the door represents the passage from one phase to another. When the door in your dreams takes you outwards, it represents communication with the world, but if the door opens the passage inwards, it means you're about to enter into communication with yourself, with your inner Self. The color, size and material of the door also have important meanings. These are not details to be ignored.

In all cases, the door dream is very important, as it signifies a transition or passage. It can mark an evolution (whether professional or personal).

Don't forget that there are some dangerous doors. Some passages can be perilous to cross, and should only be opened by the initiated.

The door in the dream can open onto other dimensions, other worlds, new adventures and a new reality.

There are also doors to oblivion, to perception, to success, to happiness, but also to paradise and, eventually, to hell.

The positive meanings of the door in dreams

The door in the dream can have positive meanings. In this case, it represents a new experience, a new position or a new beginning. This dream usually precedes important life changes.

It can sometimes refer to the understanding or certain details of our daily lives that escape us and sometimes block our progress. Understanding these details projects us towards a brighter future.

So, if the door in your dreams comes after a long period of inertia or waiting, it indicates that you're about to experience major changes in your personal and professional life.

The negative meanings of the door in dreams

Of course, the door in your dreams can have negative meanings. For example, if the door in question is blocked and you can't open it, this indicates that you're too closed in on yourself, both personally and professionally.

On the personal side, you're far too closed in on yourself and can't open up to the world. On the professional side, you're unable to broaden your horizons and this blocks your real potential.

The symbolism of each room (which room this door opens onto in your dreams, or which room you're in now) gives more information about your blockages.

If you can't open the door because of the key, this indicates that you're lacking a particular skill to move on to the next level (it could be a language, a technique, knowledge in another field, etc.). The missing key can also mean a lack of energy!

The door in a woman's dream

Another type of door dream is rather frightening and distressing. Typically, this dream is very common among women, as the woman sees herself in a room (or her own bedroom), with someone trying to get in. She begins to feel frightened, and has the impression that the door protecting her is not strong enough to resist the intruder's attempts. She may also find that the lock is not closed at all. Frequently, these dreams are quite frightening and lead to a sudden awakening.

This dream brings to the fore a repressed feeling in the dreamer, and it may be a feeling of intrusion or threat felt in her childhood, as it may represent a fear of abuse or a lack of intimacy.

Women aren't strong enough to protect themselves, and depending on their environment, they can't close up or isolate themselves. Her personal life is sorely lacking in intimacy.

Dreaming of opening the door to strangers

This dream, as strange as it is frightening, is very common in both men and women. Here, the dreamer sees himself at home, in his house, then decides to open the front door, only to have strange people (or faceless figures) enter. Soon, this presence becomes uncomfortable, and the dreamer begins to feel uneasy in their presence. He tries to get them to leave, either verbally or physically.

The dreamer may also see his front door open on its own, and then silhouettes of human forms invade his home. Their presence is unwelcome, and the dreamer begins to feel very frightened. In this case, the experience is hyper-realistic. He may even wake up sweating!

This door dream can have two different meanings. Firstly, it can indicate that our own protections are very weak. In fact, everyone has protections given to cope with external aggressions, especially those of other people. So, if these protections aren't strong enough, the person may fall victim to parasites who try to take advantage of these over-open psychic doors. These toxic people actually suck your energy, trying to copy you, use your tastes, take your friends, your position and so on. We call them psychophages. These are very dangerous people, and it's vital to spot them and eliminate them from your life as quickly as possible.

Dreaming of a door: a new adventure awaits you!

The most common meaning of the door dream is new beginnings, new adventures and new possibilities.

If the door in your dreams opens to a better place (more beautiful, brighter, on nature, etc.), this indicates that new possibilities will present themselves to you, and you should seize them, because this is a great opportunity. It could change your life completely.

If, in your door dream, you open a closed door, this indicates that you're ready to take the plunge and open yourself up to the world. You're a reserved and rather inward-looking person. This blocks you in your life, but you'll soon get rid of this behavior. You'll be more open with those around you and you'll be able to get everything out into the open. Just be sure you're in good company. Be careful!

Meaning of closed or narrow door dream

To dream of a closed door means that someone close to you is blocking you. Usually, this person is very close to you: it could be a close friend, a relative or a colleague. Sometimes, the person blocking you is you! The closed door in the dream indicates a blockage. Try to find the source of this blockage to overcome it. Don't go far, it's very close to you.

Crossing a door in a dream

If you dream that you're walking through a door in your dream, this indicates that you're going to overcome a huge block in your life. It's a sign of big, positive changes that are about to take place in your life, very soon.

To succeed in this stage, you'll need patience and courage, and you'll need to pay close attention to what's going on around you!

Dreaming of a narrow door

To dream of a narrow door means that you've come to realize that the project you've had your heart set on for so long isn't worth the effort after all. It might be better to look elsewhere and try another goal more in line with your field and skills.

Dreaming of an opening door

Dreaming of an opening door has to do with love and relationships. Perhaps you'll take the plunge with your crush, or maybe he'll come to you with a revelation. Either way, your efforts will be greeted with great pleasure.

Dreaming of a closed door

To dream of a closed door is not a good omen. It indicates that you are going to fail in some area. If you've been kicked out, it means you're about to experience humiliation.

Dreaming of a prison door

To dream of a prison door means that you are experiencing a threat and that it is closing in on you. It would be best to remain on guard to detect any dangers that may be closing in on you.

Dreaming of a bedroom door

The bedroom represents privacy, comfort and rest. To dream of a bedroom door indicates that you will soon experience rest (usually following the completion of a project, task or after a success). This dream may also indicate that you will soon have good fortune.

Dreaming of a door opening in front of us

The meaning of this dream is positive. To dream of a door opening in front of you indicates that you will easily overcome difficulties and obstacles that have stood in the way of your happiness and success.

Dreaming of an attic door

To dream of an attic door means that you'll soon have to go deep inside yourself to reconnect with your inner self. This dream indicates that it's time for you to connect with your subconscious.

If that door is in bad shape, or if the attic itself is in bad shape, this means you'd better be braver and have good stamina, because this path to inner reconnection won't be easy.

Dreaming of a collapsing door

This dream indicates that all your fears and anxieties will soon come to an end and crumble before you. So, whatever your project, whether personal or professional, it's time to act and go for it.

Dreaming of an open door

If the door in your dream is already open, this indicates that you're going to achieve success without any difficulty! Your passage and success are guaranteed, and you'd better be prepared to live them to the full.

Dream of hearing a knock on the door

If someone knocks on the door in your dream, this indicates a warning. The importance of this warning varies according to the degree of the sound. The louder it is, the more serious the situation. Try to see around you to spot the danger.

Significance of the door dream according to Freud

According to Freud, the door in the dream represents the woman. So, if the dreamer dreams of a door, it means he's having some kind of block with his wife (he doesn't like her behavior, or he can't accept the fact that he's not the first man in her life).

For women, the door represents desire. To dream of a broken door, according to Sigmund Freud, indicates that the woman has doubts about herself.


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