The preparation of my wedding

The preparation of my wedding





I had a really weird dream... I am in the middle of preparing for my civil wedding... my dream starts at home in my room... I see myself looking at myself... then my 2 sisters-in-law come and tell me to come and get ready... and I was wondering why... because my civil wedding is just passing by (just signing the papers) and then I am looking for my fiancé but I can't find him...

I look for hours ... to finally find him at his brother's house with whom he no longer speaks in costume ... I look him in the eye and tell him that I am pregnant but I don't know what to do because we don't want it ... I already have 3 and the last one is going to be 3 months old ... and everything ends with me as a happy bride. But what does that mean?

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Hello Lylaa

It's nice of you to have shared such an interesting dream with us. It is very likely that after dreaming about a civil wedding, you are feeling completely overwhelmed.

However, you should know that this kind of dream is quite common. Moreover, you have nothing to worry about, because it is not a sign that serious events are coming.

In general, having a dream about marriage is a sign that you are experiencing a very bad emotional situation in real life. In dreams, marriage refers to many frustrations, as well as the failure to satisfy some deep needs.

Indeed, Lylaa, the time has come for you to do some introspection in order to put your finger on this situation that has caused you much pain.

This is confirmed by the fact that in your dream you found yourself in your room. You should know, Lylaa, that the bedroom dream is one of the most obvious signs of disappointment.

The bedroom represents the place that is the furthest away from curious people, because you don't let just anyone into your bedroom. To dream that you are in this room simply means that you are trying to keep very intimate things about yourself secret.

However, you should know Lylaa that you have the ability to deal with difficult situations. This is reflected in the fact that in your dream you are looking for your husband.

It is true that at the beginning of your healing process, you will doubt your abilities, which is reflected in the dream of an unwanted pregnancy. But eventually, you will find faith, optimism and hope. This is why, at the end of your dream, you are happily married.

With love,

Anne Anne



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