I dreamed of a friend of mine

I dreamed of a friend of mine





I had a dream about a friend two days ago knowing that she is struggling in an apartment that she does not like anymore. In a precarious situation with a disabled child.

I dreamed that she had gone to live in another region and that she had a villa and a very nice guy with whom she had married and who recognized her son and gave her 3 other children.

That she had become a self-employed decorator and fashion designer. I would like to know what this means please.


Hello Calypso

To begin with, it is obvious that your friend is lucky to have you by her side. Your dream says a lot about your deep nature.

It brings out your empathy as well as your loyalty in friendship. These days, it's rare to be able to count on one person throughout your life. But it seems that you are that beautiful person.

As for the images present in your dream, I will try to tell you a little more about them. To begin with, let's analyze the symbolism of the friend.

This one is actually a form of visualization of your alter ego. An image of yourself projected and directed by your subconscious.

This symbolism suggests that you must currently be in a love and work situation that does not really suit you.

As for the child, it symbolizes your life force, but the fact that it is handicapped indicates that you currently feel hindered or blocked.

The presence of your friend's wedding in your dream indicates that you are eager to take things in hand.

It is important when waking up to consider the overall feeling that your dream left you with. If it was related to relief, joy and happiness then you are on the path that I hope will lead you to happiness Calypso.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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