What does dreaming of a snake mean?

What does dreaming of a snake mean?

Also known as onirocriticism, dream interpretation refers to the different methods, rules and practices used to find a certain logic to dream events and to transcribe them with meaning into reality via more or less specific symbolism or rituals.

It is a field that has spread since antiquity through the occult and esoteric arts, but also through neuroscience, sociology and psychology which also tend to give it a meaning according to the profile of the individual.

Dreaming of snakes is a common phenomenon among adults as well as young people, and the meanings of this dream can vary according to the angle taken into account, whether it is a scientific reflection or a more spiritual consideration, as we will tend to express in more detail in what follows.

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Preliminary information on the meaning of snake dreams

Very often leaving a vivid impression after their arrival, snake dreams tend to be powerful and regularly involve a feeling of unease and discomfort after waking.

In many cases, these dreams are considered to be a latent energy that is awakening or trying to manifest itself, sometimes restricted by lack of opportunity or by blockage. The aspect of apprehension that results from this type of dream is often linked to the fear or dread that is trying to be released and that will inevitably manifest itself in a more frightening and aggressive form.

The snake would therefore refer to our unconscious desires, sometimes irrepressible and escaped, which take precedence over conscious desire, which is forced to be limited by rules and all sorts of other social or moral constraints. In this context, snakes can appear in dreams under various colors such as :

  • Yellow ;
  • The black ;
  • The green ;
  • The red one.

These can also be of varying sizes with more or less aggressive behavior. Note that elements such as a potential attack, a bite located in a specific area or a specific color can be distinctive signs of a particular data.

Freudian opinion on the meaning of dreams that may involve snakes

Sigmund Freud and the snake dream

According to the physician Sigmund Freud, also known as one of the main founders of psychoanalysis, the snake in a dream is systematically a phallic representation that would tend to symbolize a male figure or sexual energy often hidden.

According to this point of view, the dream testifies to the scope of the individual's desire following the reactions and emotions provoked by the vision of the snake. Always on the principle of this theory, this animal can also be more generally a direct manifestation of the unconscious knowing that according to the Freudian works, this last one is, him also, almost entirely sexual.

This frustration could, in addition to repressed desires, probably come from a difficulty in finding partners or from a fear linked to a particularly rigid education which would curb the impulses of sexual energy. It should be noted that the very nature of the snake would refer to the reptilian brain of the human being which would explain in part the regressive impression that these dreams bring about.

Representations and symbolism of the snake that appears in dreams

Symbolism and representation of the snake in dreams

There are common dream scenarios that tend to express similar patterns and therefore often involve explanations that focus on the same ideas.

In the case of a multitude of snakes of normal size swarming around the person or on the ground in front of him, it is essentially a feeling of fear related to the environment in which the individual evolves which seems to be hostile to him.

The human-sized snake that enters the privacy of a room without causing fear or discomfort is a rather positive symbol of a physical or mental state that is on the road to recovery.

Another recurring dream is that of the snake charmer, which will be more synonymous with a relatively new change in the dreamer's life or an emerging desire that has difficulty being assumed or simply that is not correctly interpreted by the conscious desire.

In any case, these dreamlike representations never leave one indifferent by their nature which expresses a powerful force linked to a desire and their cold and long form.

Among the Greek women

In the myths of ancient Greece, more specifically in the cult of the god Asclepius, the snake is a major figure that symbolizes healing and is represented by a stick associated with a snake and is commonly attributed to a therapist.

In this perspective, if the patient saw a snake in his sleep, it was then cured. The animal represents here a desire much more focused on life itself and on the health and energy that it can bring.

The appearance of the snake in the dream was therefore rather beneficial in the sense that it was an omen of care that naturally opposed illness.

In the genesis

The serpent in Genesis is directly linked to sin and more precisely to the forbidden knowledge which could have attracted Eve by inciting her to ingest the forbidden fruit.

In addition to its symbolism of good and evil, the notion of biblical knowledge also refers to sexual relations, which logically places the serpent as one of the main symbols of carnal relations.

According to this approach, dreams related to snakes are images of temptation that are created because of impulses that cannot be satisfied due to religious beliefs or principles.

What meaning can the appearance of a yellow snake have in a dream?

Rever of a yellow snake the full meaning

What meaning can the appearance of a yellow snake have in a dream?

  • Creativity ;
  • The intelligence ;
  • The wisdom ;
  • The reflection.

According to some psychologists, this characteristic color on a snake in a dream can also be linked to a recent professional atmosphere conducive to creation and intellectual renewal.

These dreams can also include a different meaning when a feeling of discomfort, fear or instability is linked to the presence of the snake, which is more likely to be synonymous with a latent or new feeling of discomfort.

The events that concern this specific type of dream are mostly related to the financial situation, accidents or illnesses.

Definitions related to the yellow color of the snake in dreams

The yellow color of the snake that may appear in the dream is globally interpreted as a reflection of the dreamer's material desires and more precisely of luxury, price and wealth.

It can also be a motivator in future projects or a revealer of strong self-confidence in times when an event or a particular job keeps you busy.

In the same vein, a duller and darker version of this kind of dream will, instead, point to negative values in the same field, namely feelings of greed and arrogance.

This interpretation may come from relationships with loved ones or from a revelation induced by the subconscious. In a less analytical sense, more concerned with esoteric beliefs such as clairvoyance, the fact of killing a yellow snake in a dream would be an act announcing future financial wealth.

Indeed, according to these cults, this snake color is an embodiment of stress and negative emotions that disappear once the animal dies.

According to Miller

According to the work of psychoanalyst Gérard Miller, seeing a yellow snake during one's dreams indicates a relatively great apprehension of an event which is accompanied in most cases by anxiety and stress.

According to Miller's interpretation, the meaning of the yellow snake is similar to that of the other colors in the sense that they would herald problems or at least difficulties in the person's daily life.

Taking the analysis a step further, killing a yellow snake in one's dreams would be an indicator that the individual is facing a complex situation where he or she will have to make a choice or arm themselves with determination.

Parallel meanings

When the dream of the yellow snake concerns social relationships, it is often considered a good sign of trust in the people around you.

In case the rather normal sized snake comes to wrap itself around you, it would be a kind of warning about your financial condition. Similarly, if the snake is chasing you, it could be an indication that you are spending too much or more than you should.

As for the presence of several yellow snakes in a dream, different interpretations would tend to associate this with a deteriorating health condition.

Indications related to a dream where one is bitten by a poisonous snake

Meaning of the bite of a poisonous snake in a dream

The meaning of a dream where one is bitten by a snake can be very broad, knowing that a significant number of elements can modify the meaning, the intensity or the angle of the interpretation.

The first distinction to be made concerns the toxicity of the animal. Indeed, when the bite is venomous in the dream, it implies the fears that plague the person and that, in most cases, hinder his desires and ambitions.

In this continuity, this type of dream would be an alarm signal from the subconscious to become aware of one's situation and to put in place the necessary measures to get out of an excessive and often counterproductive caution.

This situation is all the more concrete when dreams in the same vein recur over a certain period of time, synonymous with problems to be solved.

According to some psychologists, after this type of dream, it can be helpful to try new experiences and step out of your comfort zone in order to confront your fear and eventually stop the nightmares.

Distinctions from bite dreams where snakes are not poisonous

A non-venomous snakebite in the middle of a dream is regularly affiliated with a stressful life setting or a time when the individual is particularly busy with a specific subject.

The bite, which does not include a venomous agent, acts as an electroshock to remind you that you are forgetting an important element around you.

Your subconscious mind would thus come to push you to better organize your thoughts and to take charge of the essential aspects of your life by putting into perspective the current progress of the latter. The color of the snake that bites can also have its importance in the meaning of the dream.

For example, a green snake will refer to a habit or a relationship that you have to put behind you, but which is difficult to assume.

The bites of black or red snakes are, as for them, rather images announcing difficulties in the financial or love field. As for the size of the snake that bites, it is generally proportional to the importance of the problem encountered.

Person bitten

Just as the color, size or dangerousness can impact the meaning of a snakebite in a dream, the person affected can also be different from the dreamer and therefore imply other explanations.

When the dreamer sees one of his children being bitten, it is often a signal for him to be closer to his children or to be more involved in their lives.

If it is a third party, it probably means that they need support or that your relationship with them is in a difficult situation.

If the snake bites a dog, it can be related to a betrayal or deception in your environment, as it is similar in many cases to the feeling of loyalty and attachment in dreams.

Special cases

There are several specificities related to snake bites in dreams that have unique interpretations. This is the case of a bite on the head which would rather refer to complications in reaching goals or difficulties in making decisions.

When a snake ends up devouring or choking you after a bite in a dream, it commonly refers to a state of frustration or insecurity for people trapped physically or mentally in situations from which no options seem to emerge.

We can also cite dreams with similar variants such as the presence of :

  • Lizards ;
  • Snake eggs ;
  • Eels ;
  • Scaly monsters.

On another note, when the snake in your dream ends up biting you while you are trying to feed it, this shows that you are fed up with a lack of recognition or efforts that do not pay off.

Elements impacting on the meaning of a dream with black snakes

Meaning of seeing a black snake in a dream

To be led to dream of black snakes has more or less equivalent meanings depending on the region or beliefs as far as the symbolic interpretation is concerned.

In Islam, this color associated with the snake is a clear sign of bad luck often linked to a period of anxiety or increased fear of death. Note that the shade of black is important here as the more intense it is, the more impactful the bad news is likely to be.

Under certain conditions, the appearance of a black snake in dreams could also be equated with a close loss that leads to a period of mourning in which the person is gripped by doubts and potentially depression.

It could also be a question of poor health or any other negative event of the same kind.

More globally, in the majority of esoteric works, black in a snake will also touch on harmful aspects knowing that this color is commonly associated in these cases with the unknown.

Purpose of dreams with black snakes and subtleties to consider

As specified earlier, the explanations of black snake dreams can differ depending on several factors that are more or less determining.

For example, seeing a large number of black snakes surrounding you in your dream is a symbolism that can express frustrations about something important to the dreamer.

These will also often appear in individuals who suffer from psychological disorders or mental illness.

Conversely, a dream that involves overcoming a black snake, whether it is originally aggressive or not, is rather a good omen since it will symbolize the advent of a success or the overcoming of a difficult situation.

In a similar vein, a black snake that attacks you in a dream will be a revelation in relation to a person relatively close to you who ends up betraying you.

On the same principle, the message can be delivered by the subconscious when a snake pursues the dreamer, leading him to question the true intentions of the people around him.

Return on the various possibilities related to a snake attack in a dream

Recovery from a snake attack

Contrary to what one might think, the dream of a snake attack does not have a negative meaning every time.

Indeed, if the latter can be linked to death and fear by its origin and its potential venomousness, it can also be a sign of life in relation to its representation sometimes linked to the field of health.

It can also be a detail announcing renewal with the capacity of the latter to moult and thus to change skin.

The attack of the snake in the dream can therefore be perceived as a desire to free oneself from a weight or a way chosen by the subconscious to express a will to change that is becoming stronger and stronger.

If the snake's attack is not necessarily a problem in itself, the resulting bite can lead to complications that are less obvious to transcribe into reality or simply more harmful to the dreamer.

In the event that the snake in the dream attacks the face and sinks its fangs into it, this generally echoes an image problem in the individual.

If it is the ankle that is affected, it means that a complicated decision is likely to prevent you from moving forward.

As for the heel, this implies a disposition where the dreamer feels exposed or particularly sensitive to an exposure of their weaknesses.

Specific information about snake attack dreams

If the areas of the body affected by the snake attack in a dream can have an impact on the meaning to be drawn from it, the nature of the animal itself can also have its own impact.

The attack of a white snake is, for example, a common dream for people who have a feeling of injustice, unfounded accusations or more or less virulent criticisms made against them without being able to defend themselves.

If it is a viper, it would announce or highlight a situation about to change or the arrival of a transitional period.

It should be noted that this interpretation refers exclusively to cases where the attack does not involve posterior damage, which would be a much more alarming sign depending on the state of the injuries.

As for the pythons, they are mainly involved in dreams where the person being attacked is suffocated and will potentially suffocate, which is a disposition that reveals significant frustration or a feeling of being trapped in a harmful daily life or an inextricable situation.

Focus on the interpretation of snake dreams in Indian culture

snake dream interpretation in indian culture

In India, and more specifically in the Tantric traditions, a sleeping serpent known as Kundalini is housed within the chakra at the base of the spine.

This is an area that is commonly sought to be stimulated during awakening rituals that tend to control the sexual energy that may result.

The energy in question would be linked to Shakti, which represents the feminine part of Shiva. If the awakening procedure works properly, the individual is supposed to reveal his or her divine nature following a precise preparation.

This practice, being symbolized by the sleeping snake that awakens, uncoils all the way and then ascends via the spine to signify the final ascent.

Dreams of snakes according to tantric principles would therefore refer to the Kundalini and more generally to the sexual force that the latter can manifest. Seeing it in motion in one's dreams could therefore be an indication of the right way to proceed with the awakening preparations or simply a sign of good health.

Details on the appropriation of snake dreams in South America

Dreams in general occupy an important place in Amerindian cultures and in the beliefs related to shamanism also present in certain regions of Asia.

According to these traditions, the snake was a divine manifestation that represented the structure of living beings. Shamans would go through various preparations and hallucinogenic smokes to try to connect with this spirit which was relatively similar to a dream state.

More specifically in dreams, the shamans saw the presence of the snake, whatever its form, as a figure of longevity and future changes, whether positive or not depending on the course of the dream.

Because of its unique type of movement which places it directly on the ground, it will also symbolize a primary energy which comes from the earth and which transmits a certain notion of purity also relayed in the tantric beliefs of Kundalini.

The Amerindians also believed in the more personal significance of the appearance of the snake in a dream, particularly with regard to the growth and metamorphosis process of the animal.

Psychological complements on the evocation of snakes in dreams

The snake in psychology in the study dreams

After Freud, it is probably Carl Gustav Jung who had the most impact on the interpretation of dreams in psychoanalysis. Jung associated the snake with a primordial vital energy because it has the ability to change its skin.

Moreover, because of its condition of hermaphrodite, it has both male and female attributes, which allows it to contain the two opposites.

According to Jung, a snake that one sees in one's dream will impact all aspects of it, and thus, the dreamer finds himself to be what the snake in question represents.

Based on this principle, the individual must therefore see in the manifestation of the snake elements of desire that have been repressed and that tend to be retranscribed into active energies, whether in a negative or positive measure.

Still according to the Jungian precepts, in order to better integrate these dreams, it is advisable to accept one's ambivalence and to let it reflect on one's daily life even if it could imply unpredictable reactions.

This would help to better position oneself on one's desires and move towards self-fulfillment.


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