Dreaming of money with an old friend

Dreaming of money with an old friend




Saw and old friend of mine ,and he gave me a lot of money.

But from my perspective,he is not around my location presently and we have not talked a for as long as I have known ,so why was he the one to give me money and foreign exchange for that matter ,nothing my present situation I was really glad.


Hello Douye,

This dream, in which an old friend gives you a huge sum of money in a foreign currency, goes straight to the core of your being.

Right from the start, it suggests the period of transition to abundance, when unexpected help can come your way, even from people with whom, it will seem, you've lost touch.

When a distant friend returns in a dream to offer something of value, such as money, it is often an image of peace with neglected parts of oneself, or of a new phase of life when one is open to receiving money in many forms.

Here, money is not only a symbol of material well-being, but also of inner wealth, self-esteem and the possibility of further personal development.

Foreign currencies evoke the unknown and adventure.

This dream can be taken as a clear sign that the opportunities that come your way in the future will tend to take you out of the safety of your nest and open up avenues you hadn't even thought of before.

Happiness therefore exists as an emanation of your attitude and readiness for change.

This dream embodies a message from your subconscious to be open and receptive.

Resources, support and opportunities can enter your life at times you'd never have imagined, unexpectedly, as connections or memories that go back a long way.

It's a great reminder that life can bring with it surprises and abundance in the least likely places and scenarios.

In other words, Douye is a positive dream that tells you to look to the future with confidence and a positive attitude.

It's a reminder that the universe has its mysterious way of bringing you what you need, most often when you least expect it.

Open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities that surround you.

Respectfully yours,

William William



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