Engaging my crush

Engaging my crush




It was three days ago, I had a dream in which I saw that my crush and I were getting engaged with the help of our family members.


Hello Arpit,

Your dream of an engagement with your crush, surrounded by the support of your families, is a powerful story that symbolizes union, acceptance and the desire for deep connection.

This dream reflects not only your current feelings but also your longing for a relationship that is recognized and celebrated by your loved ones.

The fact that this commitment occurs in your dream with the help of family members underscores the importance of family ties and approval in your love life.

This may indicate a desire for family blessing and support in your choice of partners, or an aspiration to integrate your love into the wider fabric of your social and family life.

Dreaming of an engagement with someone for whom you have feelings in waking life can also be a manifestation of your desires and hopes for the future of this relationship.

It can symbolize your emotional commitment to that person, even though, in reality, you may not yet be at that stage.

This dream may also reflect a reflection on the nature of commitment itself, exploring what it means for you to commit to someone.

It raises questions about the preparation, expectations and hopes you associate with the idea of forming a lasting partnership.

This dream encourages you to reflect on how you feel about the person in your thoughts, and how you see the future of this relationship.

It invites you to consider the importance of family approval and support in your romantic decisions, and to explore the depth of your commitment to your own relationship desires and aspirations.

Ultimately, this dream could be a call to acknowledge and honor your feelings, while opening yourself up to the possibility of sharing these aspirations with those you care about, seeking their support and guidance on your path to fulfilling your deepest desires.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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