Dreaming of a crocodile: what does it mean?

Dreaming of a crocodile: what does it mean?

The crocodile is one of mankind's most feared animals in the animal kingdom, its calm, relaxed appearance deceiving its prey who are quickly snatched up by a powerful jaw riddled with sharp teeth. In the world of dreams, the crocodile is often perceived as a bad sign.

Indeed, dreaming of a crocodile is usually a sign that someone around you is showing false love towards you and that you should be wary of them, but this isn't always the case. There are a number of factors to take into account when determining the meaning of a crocodile dream, and here are all the details.

Dreaming of a crocodile: what are the possible connotations?

In reality, crocodile dreams aren't that different from other animal dreams, as they can all have positive or negative connotations. Nevertheless, most of the meanings available for crocodile dreams are negative, or at least indicate that you're not living in a 100% safe environment. Whether in your family or professional environment, imminent danger is lurking.

The crocodile symbolizes betrayal, lies and false feelings of love and appreciation. It's a manipulative animal that gives off a zen-like exterior as it prepares to attack its prey, so the crocodile in your dream refers to one or a group of people around you who are pretending to love you when in fact they've vowed to destroy and ruin you.

In short, it's a nightmare that usually has a bad connotation, but it can also symbolize your strength and perseverance, especially when it's a dream in which you've defeated a crocodile. It means that you have the strength and courage to face up to problematic situations and the pitfalls that certain people around you can throw at you. It's important to take your feelings into consideration, both during and after the dream.

Symbolism of crocodile dreams

Crocodile dreams carry a strong symbolism of uncontrolled urges and desires, which are submerged, but can emerge at lightning speed, often uncontrollable by the dreamer. Sexual urges may well be involved, and this is usually the case according to the various interpretations of crocodile dreams, notably those brought to us by Sigmund Freud, who explains this by stunted growth.

The body of the crocodile and its voracious appetite can thus symbolize the libido in humans, so the person who has crocodile dreams often enough would have strong sexual urges that he or she can't always control. This can be a real danger not only for the person themselves, but also for those around them, especially if they have unhealthy sexual urges towards children, for example.

The calm, docile appearance of the crocodile underwater can also symbolize a deep-seated fear that lies dormant in the dreamer's depths. This fear may stem from bad experiences in the past, or from violence suffered in childhood. In this way, the subconscious makes a crocodile appear during the dream to remind the dreamer of the real existence of his fears, which are perceived with great apprehension.

What is the meaning of a crocodile dream?

Whatever crocodile dream you're having, whether it's about a sleeping crocodile, a crocodile attacking you or crocodile flesh, all these dreams that are often experienced as a nightmare are a good sign. In fact, they attest to your perfect awareness of all the elements and dangers in your environment, especially as the crocodile is a powerful reptile that resists all natural conditions.

Even though these dreams can be very stressful and cause deep anguish in the dreamer, they are subconscious appeals to remind the dreamer of the importance of not trusting just anyone, but above all, of the duty to recognize true friends from enemies. You must not allow false friends into your life, friends who seek only to lull you to sleep and cause your downfall.

But to bring the right meaning to your crocodile dreams, you need to consider a whole range of elements, including:

  • The environment in which the crocodile appears (underwater, on the bank or chasing you);
  • The calm or agitated appearance of the crocodile in your dream;
  • The size, color and shape of the crocodile's jaw.

However, you mustn't neglect your feelings when you wake up. Only you can tell whether the dream is a danger to you or not.

Some meanings of crocodile dreams

As crocodile dreams can have several appearances, it's worth taking stock of each dream to bring the right meaning. Dreamers usually expose certain images that appear quite frequently, including images of harmless crocodiles, pets or colored crocodiles. As you may have gathered, each crocodile image in a dream has a different meaning.

Dreaming of a harmless crocodile

Be aware that even if the crocodile's calm posture is harmless in your dream, you shouldn't rely on it, as it's often a bad sign. Don't forget that the crocodile symbolizes someone close to you who could cause you harm at any moment.

Dreaming of a crocodile in the distance

If, during your dream, you see a harmless crocodile in the distance, this may symbolize someone in your entourage who has feelings for you. This distance is not a negative thing, as the person in question may have difficulty approaching you, but wants to discover more about all aspects of your personality. In short, it's not negative, and the intentions of the person who wants to approach you are pure.

In practice, it could be someone who's in love with you and is afraid to admit their feelings for fear of being repressed. So be more attentive and try to detect the signals sent by people around you, especially those you've just met, so you can make a decision and act on it.

Dreaming of stroking a crocodile

In this case, the crocodile represents the real-life dangers that the dreamer tends to neglect on a daily basis. It's a sign sent by your subconscious to alert you to the importance of paying attention to the people around you and the dirty tricks they might play on you. You need to be more cautious and aware in everyday life.

If you continue to ignore the dangers around you, you can quickly find yourself in a problematic situation with people around you who you thought were your friends, so try to control your feelings.

Dreaming of a baby crocodile

Although a baby crocodile may seem harmless and very cute, this dream is intended to warn you of imminent danger. The dream of a baby crocodile often symbolizes the possibility of betrayal within your family circle, usually involving people who show a false friendly face when in fact they have evil intentions towards you.

Here too, you mustn't be overconfident with people you don't know very well and who don't show the same openness towards you. This could expose you to great disappointment, or even depression, if you were overconfident in the person in question.

Dreaming of a crocodile as a pet

Again, the crocodile may appear in several images in your dreams, each with a different interpretation. Here are some dream meanings of crocodiles as pets.

Dreaming of feeding a crocodile

While most crocodile dreams have a negative connotation, dreaming of feeding a crocodile actually testifies to your sense of responsibility. Although crocodiles can obtain their food through hunting, feeding a crocodile during your dream is a good sign, especially if the crocodile is quite docile.

This means that the person who wished you harm has now dropped his or her evil intentions. Feeding the crocodile represents a gesture of love or affection that has successfully dissuaded someone from harming you.

Dreaming of a crocodile's head

A crocodile's head appearing in your dream is not always a good sign, as it usually means that you are currently unable to mobilize your reasonable thinking and power of action. This may be due to an inner conflict caused by a problem in your love life, professional life or because of a misunderstanding with one of your friends.

It's important to remove yourself from your environment, take time to reflect and cultivate your wisdom to emerge with a solution that will enable you to move forward in your life.

Dreaming of a dead crocodile

A dream of a dead crocodile is a good sign, even if it's your own pet. This is because all the bad symbols the crocodile represents - betrayal, fear and danger - are definitely out of your life. This means that your future will be much calmer and more prosperous, as all the elements that could constitute a danger to you are now absent.

Try to enjoy every moment of your life, seize every opportunity to become bigger and stronger, and try to get rid of any bad thoughts that may be going through your head.

What does it mean to dream of a colored crocodile?

As mentioned above, it's not just the situations that change in crocodile dreams, but sometimes the colors of the crocodiles as well. Some colors are common in real life, while others are totally unusual, which can leave the dreamer quite confused.

Dreaming of a black crocodile

In most cases, black crocodile dreams are a bad omen. The color black is often a symbol of fear, stress and anxiety about something in our environment, and occasionally even about people around us. A black crocodile, for example, represents people with evil intentions who are out to do you harm. Don't hesitate to try and distinguish them from your true friends, so as not to make hasty decisions.

Dreaming of a yellow crocodile

Yellow is often a symbol of wisdom in dreams, representing an individual's strength of awareness and ability to make important decisions, even in the most difficult situations. For this reason, a yellow crocodile appearing in your dreams is there to remind you of the importance of keeping calm and not being afraid of the possible changes that will take place in your life in the future.

Dreaming of a white crocodile

Whatever animal appears in your dream, the color white generally symbolizes the dreamer's inner purity and the inner harmony he or she enjoys. To dream of a white crocodile symbolizes your ability to open up to others and your power to accept new people into your circle, who also have intentions as pure as yours towards them.

Dreaming of a blue crocodile

Like white, the color blue is often a good sign in a dream. In the case of a blue crocodile dream, it means you're ready to move on with your life and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

In a nutshell

Crocodile dreams can have many meanings, positive or negative, but they often indicate the presence of ill-intentioned people around you. Although most experts speak of poorly contained sexual impulses, these dreams can also mean that your friends or family members aren't showing you pure love.

Nevertheless, crocodile dreams can have a positive connotation, so it's important to consider all the elements of the dream to better understand it and grasp the real dangers that lie ahead.


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