Connecting with a boy

Connecting with a boy




I dreamt that I was in the old house I used to live in, it was at night.

There was an unknown boy there, and he and I approached each other and talked, we got closer. And at the end of the dream I was already in love with him and he was in love with me too.

But we didn't say anything.


Hello Lindinalva,

Your dream is full of memories, especially of the old house you once called home.

This setting may symbolize a return to your roots or to the essential elements of your personality.

The night envelops this scenario, often evoking the unconscious and the mysteries of our psyche, for a moment of encounter and deep connection.

The presence of this unknown young man, with whom you form an intense emotional connection, suggests the exploration of new facets of yourself, or the welcoming of hitherto unexplored or neglected experiences.

This interaction could represent the emergence of budding feelings, the opening up to dimensions of affection and emotional bonds that go beyond the usual speech and logic.

The development of mutual feelings of love, without ever verbalizing these emotions, could reflect a form of communication that transcends words, an intuitive or spiritual connection that stands on its own.

It could also reveal a reluctance to share your deepest emotions, for fear of misunderstanding, rejection, or upsetting the balance of your current life.

Lindinalva, this dream invites you to meditate on the nature of the bonds you form and the way you share your most intimate feelings.

It seems to suggest that you're searching for a deeper, more authentic connection, both in your present and future relationships.

You're also encouraged to explore unexpressed parts of yourself, open yourself up to new encounters and dare to express your inner truth.

After all, it's in this authenticity that the most meaningful relationships are forged.

This dream gently reminds you that, even in silence, hearts can communicate and understand each other, inviting you to have the patience and courage to let those unexpressed feelings blossom into words.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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