What are the meanings of monster dreams?

What are the meanings of monster dreams?

Seeing a monster in your dreams is one of the most common dreams, one that can be had at any age, and one that especially frightens children. For some, it represents a disturbing dream, while for others it's a nightmare. But have you ever wondered what the dream means?

Although this type of dream is often influenced by the horror films you watch on TV or in the cinema, the representation of this imaginary creature in your dreams can be fraught with meaning. That's why we've put together a complete interpretation of this type of dream.

What does a monster symbolize in dreams?

Dreaming of monsters is quite common for children and even older ones, and although this type of dream may seem like a nightmare, its true meaning is quite different.

Seeing all kinds of monstrous characters in your dreams is linked to your unfulfilled desires or problems you can't overcome. All these frustrations are represented by your subconscious as monsters.

If you're having this kind of dream, it means your mind is in turmoil. You'll need to find the source of this uneasiness and resolve it quickly to move on.

Remember, too, that in everyday life, we use the word "monster" to describe a terrifying, evil character. So when we see a monster in our dreams, it symbolizes our deep-seated fears and anxieties.

Rest assured, not all dreams about monsters are about your real-life problems. If you see a gentle monster in your dreams, for example, it could be a good omen. It means that your hidden wishes and desires will soon be fulfilled, or even that a change is coming to your life, bringing you much happiness.

Contrary to popular belief, seeing a monster in your dreams is not always a bad omen, especially if it seems friendly and defenseless. So remember to pay attention to detail if you want to find the hidden meaning of your dreams.

10 monster dreams and their meanings

A monster usually conjures up a terrifying image. If you see this character in your dreams, it will quickly turn into a nightmare, but if you look into the meaning of this imaginary character in dreams, you'll be surprised by the result.

Indeed, seeing a monster in your dreams can have different meanings for you, positive or negative. It all depends on how you interact with it and your state of mind.

Dreaming of a monster is quite common, but what was it doing in your dreams? What shape or color was it?

Here are 10 dream meanings that involve monsters in different scenarios:

Dreaming of a sea monster

A sea monster hidden in the depths of the abyss is a rather frightening dream. It's associated with feelings or problems that you've buried deep down inside yourself and that are resurfacing.

If in your dreams, the sea monster remains on the surface of the water, it's a warning that your hidden feelings will soon come to light.

On the other hand, if the frightening monster emerges from the water, your dream is linked to the anxieties and fears you're repressing deep down inside. Following this type of dream, you need to question yourself and find out what's tormenting you.

Dreaming of a monster fight

Seeing a live monster fight in your dreams is unusual, but if it happens to you, it means you're questioning yourself, regretting certain actions or words you've said to someone around you.

Dreaming of being attacked by a monster

The attack of a monster in dreams refers to a health problem. Pay close attention to the signals your body sends you, for this dream is like an alarm bell.

To avoid any complications, remember to change your lifestyle and even make a short visit to the doctor to be reassured about your state of health.

If the monster of your dreams is trying to swallow you alive, it's your psychic state that's being tormented.

On the other hand, if the monster is attacking your loved ones or family in your dream, it means you're concerned about something that affects them.

The only solution, in all three cases, is to find the source of what's tormenting you and try to control it.

Dreaming of fighting a monster

Fighting a monster in your dreams means you're going through a difficult period and are doing everything you can to get through it.

The monsters in this type of dream represent your problems, but also a feeling of sadness, disappointment or unhappiness.

If you can defeat the monster in your dreams, it's a sign that you've reached the maturity you need to overcome your problems. Your mind is showing you that you can cope.

Dreaming of running away from a monster

If a monster is chasing you in your dreams and you manage to escape, it's a good omen. It's a symbol of the bad times you're going through, and a sign that you'll soon get out of them.

This dream is also a reflection of your determination and efforts in life.

Seeing a dead monster in your dreams

Visualizing a dead monster in your dreams is a good omen. It can have two interpretations, depending on your experience and current state of mind:

  • Either, positive and inevitable changes await you in life ;
  • Either you're facing professional or personal problems that you're going to overcome.

If you kill a monster in your dreams, that's also a good sign. You'll emerge victorious from the troubles you face in your life.

Dreaming of several monsters

Seeing several monsters around you in your dreams is a symbol of imminent danger.

If the monsters in question are all small and harmless, this means you'll be able to deal with the danger easily.

On the other hand, if the monsters are large and ferocious, despite your best efforts, there's absolutely nothing you can do to escape the danger.

Dreaming of a gentle monster

Monsters are most often associated with cruel and frightening beings. Although this is often the case, a monster can also be kind and benevolent. If you see this type of creature in your dreams, it means that not everything is as you imagine it, and that you're in for a surprise in life.

For example, in your life, you're apprehensive about a complicated situation, which in the end turns out to be much simpler and more harmless. This dream is therefore a good omen.

Dreaming of a terrifying monster

Monsters are designed by our imaginations to be scary. But if in your dreams, these creators scare you even more, that's a bad sign.

This dream indicates that you are under threat, that someone close to you is plotting against you and wants to harm you.

The threat in question may not be a physical one, but rather symbolize an addiction to alcohol, for example, or anything else that threatens your health.

Dreaming of a monster under the bed

It's a dream, or rather a nightmare, that's very common among children, but has a completely different meaning for adults.

Seeing a monster under your bed, in your dreams, is a reflection of your immaturity. It means you're still acting impulsively on the spur of the moment, without thinking through the consequences. So it's time to change and act more maturely.

If it's indeed a child dreaming of a monster under his bed, it symbolizes the fear of responsibility, but also fear and the search for his parents' attention to feel more protected.

What do the monsters in your dreams mean to you?

Now that we've covered the meanings of the various dream scenarios involving one or more monsters, let's take a closer look at their appearances.

Indeed, the size, shape or even colors of these imaginary beings can tell you a lot about the meaning of your dreams. That's what we're going to find out in the following section:

Dreaming of a giant monster

Dreaming of a huge monster is more a description of yourself, i.e. how you see yourself in relation to those around you, and even how you treat others. This type of dream refers directly to your personality traits. You feel confident and therefore big, and you enjoy having power over others.

Dreaming of a little monster

If you find yourself facing one or more little monsters in your dreams, they symbolize your fears catching up with you. These may be due to a problem or situation you've experienced in the past. You'll need to find the source of your fears.

Dreaming of a green monster

Dreaming of a green monster or "Ogre" is a reflection of yourself. It represents how you see your children, i.e. as a strict, authoritarian parent, but not just that!

Seeing an ogre in your dreams can also mean that some of your behavior is annoying those around you.

Dreaming of a phantom monster

Ghosts also belong to a category of monsters. If you see one in your dreams, it's not always something bad.

Dreaming of a supernatural being, such as a monster or ghost, means that you will have to face an unknown event or situation, whether positive or negative.

Dreaming of a monster in the shape of someone you know

If you recognize the monster that frightens you in your dreams, it's a warning. This familiar monster means you're giving too much of yourself, or taking on responsibilities that are too much for you.

Another meaning of this dream is danger. If the monster in your dreams is human, it symbolizes a threat or betrayal from someone close to you. Be wary and avoid trusting too much, as someone close to you intends to harm you.

Scientific interpretations of monster dreams

Seeing a monster in your dreams can symbolize a number of elements linked to your life experience, current feelings or the problems you're going through.

Miller and Artemidorus give much more complex interpretations of the monster dream, which we will discover without delay:

Miller's interpretation of the monster dream

For Jacques-Alain Miller, a pillar of Freudian psychoanalysis, the dream of monsters is a subconscious incitement to be wary of the unknown. It could be someone you know who wants to harm you, or any other problem you're about to face.

The monster in your dreams is a kind of warning that something bad is going to happen to you. So stay on your guard.

Monster dream interpretation according to Nostradamus

Nostradamus, a visionary whose predictions left their mark on the ages, gave a different meaning to the dream of monsters. According to him, seeing a sea monster is never a good omen, especially if it's in its element.

On the other hand, seeing a monster alone in one's dreams is a promise of a good road ahead for the dreamer.

If the sea monster of your dreams has washed up on the water's edge, you can look forward to a bright future far from trouble, as the creature is now out of harm's way.

And finally, in your dreams, if the monster flies over you, it doesn't bode well. Misfortunes will befall you, and there's nothing you can do about it.


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