Riding with my father in the car

Riding with my father in the car




I dreamt that i had bought a toyota prado tx and i didnt know how to drive.

My dad became my driver and we drove to a rural road that had a step slop ,of which we were supposed to descend and ascend to reach our destination.

When we arrived at the slop i became excited that the choice of SUV car i bought could descend and ascend without causing any accident like other vehicles that had accident at that slop.

Finally we arrived at the destination and my dad was humbly introducting me to his friends.

Later on as my dad was having fun with friends, bought a small toyota vitz and i decided to teach myself how to drive and i broke it.


Hello Abdul

Thank you for the dream you are sharing with us. Your subconscious mind is revealing your internal need to change certain aspects of your life.

Some of your decisions will be crucial for the future. I give you in detail the meaning of the symbols in your dream.

In your dream, you bought a car, this purchase symbolizes your desire to change your life path.

This Prado TX car symbolizes the greatness of your ambitions. It is also a sign of your need for independence in a relatively short time.

The presence of your father symbolizes the respect of the laws and teachings you received from him.

Indeed, your subconscious mind invites you to take advantage of the teachings and education you received from your father to better advance in life.

If your father appears as a driver in this dream, it means that you are not yet completely autonomous in making certain decisions.

You need someone to support you in these decisions.

These friends of your father symbolize the visit of someone who is welcome in your life.
This sloping road symbolizes the loss of your social status.

Your subconscious mind is alerting you to the life choices you will have to make, as this could greatly affect your status.
If you subsequently learn to drive in this dream, it means that you must have an open mind that pushes you to learn new things.

In the end Abdul, if you break this car is a sign that some of your decisions are likely to jeopardize the peace and your psychological balance.


William William



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