Dream of a crush

Dream of a crush




Since I have started falling for a guy who is my classmate I regularly prayed for that person and I often dream about him sometimes

he completely ignores me even in my dream and yesterday I saw him proposing me in my dream.

Than today I saw him ignoring me talking to other girls but not receiving my call what does these dreams trying to tell me?


Hello Aarshi,

Love always glows beautifully and we are glad that cupid hit you in the heart. It is a mark of trust that you have shared these intimate feelings with us.

It can happen even in a dream that you don't receive the laurels of your love feelings in return, but we want to reassure you. Your dream hides precepts that will have a positive impact on your whole life.

Indeed, dreaming of a man is generally synonymous with movement in the course of your life. It is thus vital that you are able to evolve, because your time may have come.

This is what justifies your dream. It invites you to give more esteem to your own person, hence the identity of your lover. According to your dream, to be loved, it is wise to love yourself first.

Only by doing this will you add that little touch to your personality that will make you capture the attention of anyone.

Your lover's proposal only reinforces all these preconceptions. You are clearly not far from mutating into a better version of yourself.

However, you are held back by fears, doubts and the burdens of your past failures. Know one very important thing, you cannot live forever in the shadow of your loved ones.

For example, your love that you do not assume, for fear of losing the hope to love. Love is lived by two people at least, it is the same for friendship.

Aarshi, your choices count, your dreams, your feelings too. Assert yourself! Otherwise no one will.

You are capable of fulfilling your desires, but only by giving yourself the means, by loving yourself and by offering yourself the duty to be a happy and fulfilled person.


Anne Anne



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