Love in paradise

Love in paradise




I dream about my dad and my grandmother in heaven, I never meet my grandmother befor, she died before I was born and my dad passed away about 20 years now, I remember in my dream I was crying and feeling upset in my dream then very suddenly my dad and grandmother appeared in my dream.

They both where smiling at me, they both looked really happy to see me, and then very suddenly they both took their hands out to me as if they wanted me to come with them, I started to panic in my dream then I woke up from my dream.

I always remember this dream, I often wonder what this dream means.


Hello Janet.

Thank you for sharing your dream. Your father must have particularly impacted your life and something between you is not settled. I will give you more details about the different symbols in your dream.

The presence of your father in this dream means that you are worried about your family, but you do not give enough time to some people who love you.

Your subconscious is inviting you to check in with your loved ones to make sure everything is okay, this will please your father.

On the other hand, the presence of your deceased grandmother in this dream symbolizes the completion of an important project that you are going to finalize.

If your grandmother looks happy in this dream, it means that you have all the necessary skills to complete your projects. So you need to trust yourself and be in a positive frame of mind.

In your dream Janet, you are crying and panicking. This state of mind on your part symbolizes an unconscious sense of grief that you feel within yourself, but which you sometimes find hard to admit to yourself.

It is also an indirect sign that an injustice has taken place in your environment and this affects you. Your subconscious mind invites you to always express your emotions in an honest and natural way to the people around you.

If your father and grandmother look tense, as if they want you to follow them, this symbolizes your fear of having done or said something wrong.

Your subconscious mind is calling you on this feeling of guilt that you often tend to feel, and wants you to move on.


William William



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