Meaning of flying in your dreams: all you need to know

Meaning of flying in your dreams: all you need to know

There have always been people who have had the desire to fly when they were young or even when they were growing up. Some innovations have even taken place in order to allow the person to fly with wings. Flying is therefore a superpower that is highly appreciated by many people.

There are also a lot of people who dream of flying away in the air, which can have several meanings according to the studies that have been done on this subject. In fact, having a dream where you see yourself flying away is synonymous with lightness which can be something positive or negative according to each interpretation.

So we will try to see here all the meanings that a dream in which you see yourself flying can have.

Meaning of flying in dreams symbol of lightness

The dreamer may want to fly away in case he or she finds him or herself in a situation where he or she feels crushed and it is sometimes a way for them to escape.

It should be noted that each meaning must be related to the details that were experienced in the dream itself, which is quite important for the interpretations. Now, meanings are by no means an exact science but rather studies by psychoanalysts to prove that there is always a hidden meaning behind your dreams, such as the fact that it is often your unconscious mind that is trying to send you messages or warn you of a nearby event.

The desire to be able to fly is one of the great desires that a man can have. It is a dream that is very exhilarating and can be quite common among us, so it is important to know that we have all had at least one dream where we see ourselves flying over our city or flying over a place as we wish.

Dreaming with the ability to fly and glide through the air can eventually give you a lot of pleasure in the sense that you feel very light, but you should know that this feeling that is very pleasant in your dream is not always so in reality.

This need for lightness that you are feeling may represent a need for escape or freedom from the harsh reality or from your daily problems. So, if you feel the need to escape by flying instead of facing your daily worries, it is possible that these have already taken a rather cumbersome scale that leaves you no choice but to escape by flying away from this reality too heavy on your shoulders.

It is therefore a rather negative representation of your dream that reflects a life full of problems to solve.

Significance of flying in a child's dreams

For children, this dream can be quite different in the sense that they are not able to make the appropriate decisions that will allow them to solve their small everyday problems. These dreams are then for him salvation because he does not have much power of action.

It is a way that his unconscious mind uses to help him take a breath by imagining himself flying, a super power that makes him want to try it. It is also a way to escape reality for a moment so as not to lose that innocence that all children possess.

However, the persistence of this type of dream in the child can also have a slightly more negative interpretation in the sense that it can give a symbolism of powerlessness and submission, especially the dreams where it flies away to an unknown direction.

Meaning of flying in dreams according to the methods

In order to give a more detailed interpretation of the dreams in which there is this action of flying, we must take into account the methods of flying.

First method

So, first of all we have the fact of jumping with a very advanced feeling of lightness. These jumps can grow in size after each jump which gives a way of flying like in a planet where gravity is very weakly felt. It is thus possible to float and have the possibility of moving up.

This can have a rather ambiguous interpretation in that the lightness felt through these small jumps is very negative for your future projects. It represents the fact that you are moving from one project to another with no results or progress. So take the time to study your actions a little before you take them.

Second method

Then, the second method consists in allowing us to fly away with the help of supports by running, taking momentum to be able to fly away at the last leap. Having a dream like this can reveal a lot about the personality of the dreamer, it is someone :

  • Who is not afraid of the eyes ;
  • Who likes to take the necessary risks to succeed ;
  • Who doesn't hesitate to do what it takes to get ahead.

It is especially qualities that one must have in order to have more chance to see success especially in the professional field.

Third method

There is thus another way of flying which can have a completely different meaning in the sense that the dreamer sees himself doing breaststroke movements which help him to lift himself gradually until he can fly away properly.

This method turns out to be very effective but much more exhausting, which symbolizes hard work. The dreamer is therefore in a situation where he would like to change his job completely, because it is trying to tire him too much. But the feeling of hesitation and fear often take over the courage to take matters into their own hands and quit for a better job.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you that every good thing takes time to come true. So take the time to study all the possibilities and then make the best choice that can fit your needs.

Meaning of flying in dreams in the form of levitation

It is true that levitation is not exactly the same action as flying. However, having a dream where you take pleasure in levitating above the ground is not always very positive for you. You should know that if you have a dream in which you find yourself taking pure pleasure in a posture where your body is levitating, beware and get a grip on yourself.

It is very often a synonym for slacking off and losing control which can then explain the fact that you are losing yourself in real life. If you continue on this path, it is possible that you will lose your job.

Your unconscious is trying to show you the path to avoid and the best one that can best fit your needs without hurting you. So take a step back and be careful with every decision you make.

Meaning of flying in your dreams to escape

There is a dream that happens to be quite common among many people and that represents the dreamer escaping from threatening people who want to harm him. He tries to run as fast as he can and finally starts to fly over the roofs and the city while noticing underneath those people who want to harm him moving slowly until they disappear.

This dream always brings real pleasure for most people until the moment when the ability to fly starts to dissipate little by little to give way to a sudden and realistic crash that gives you a very brutal awakening. Thus, the interpretation linked to this dream can be explained by the fact that one should never take the easiest and most ephemeral decisions in order to find a short-term solution.

Your unconscious is trying to show you that sometimes you have to take the risk of waiting in order to choose a more durable option, but above all more effective in the long term so as not to have to undergo the same obstacles several times in a row, which can be very tiring for anyone.

Meaning of flying in your dreams with a desire to come down

For most people, dreaming about flying can be a great pleasure. However, there are dreams that provoke emotions in you that you didn't even know existed. When you wake up, you may even wonder why you felt that way when you know you were supposed to feel the opposite. In particular, in dreams where you are flying, you may only want to get back on the ground, but in this dream, you notice that it is very hard, if not impossible to do so, so you spend too much time in the air.

The interpretation of this dream can be explained by the fact that you find yourself a little too far away from your reality, that you do not have a strong enough relationship with your reality, that you spend too much time joking and spending time all over the place without taking your future and your professional projects in hand.

Your unconscious is trying to illustrate all of this through this dream that makes you feel uncomfortable, like what you might feel if you don't take charge of your life.

In this dream, it is possible to see your loved ones and friends downstairs waving to you to ask you to come down and join them, you feel carefree and you don't take too much time to worry about your loved ones downstairs, you just want to try to find a way to get back down and put your feet up.

There is indeed a concrete explanation for this type of dream with details that are most common. Your subconscious is trying to show you that you still need to face your problems and for that you need to let go of your attitude that is not helping you move forward in your life.

So you are complicating your life yourself, which is why it is impossible for you to go back down into this dream.

It is necessary to let go and focus on other priorities that are much more important. Finally, this kind of dream is a little more positive for you than you think, the meanings can be quite different, even contradictory to the dream itself.

Meaning of flying in your dreams by moving quickly

As we know, having a dream where you are flying is very often synonymous with lightness, and this is not always positive for you. The interpretation behind it can have a completely different meaning.

Thus, have a dream where you see yourself flying, but the speed with which you fly is much higher than normal, which prevents you from taking pleasure in this action, you are noticing the landscapes below you scroll one after another without understanding too much.

There is a deep meaning to this kind of dream, it explains that you are a person who takes things a little too lightly, you don't always take the time to analyze your situations and this is very often the first reason that always prevents you from moving forward and that creates problems in your daily life that you can totally avoid.

The meaning of the dream where you fly while moving quite fast is a sign by your unconscious to be more careful on what you make your passage, because you risk too often to miss the best opportunities that may change your life.

Meaning of flying in your dreams with a person

There are cases where you can dream that you are flying and that you are taking great pleasure in this action, moreover, you are not alone. A person who is very dear to your heart is accompanying you in this adventure, you feel a lot of pleasure and you are completely right.

These dreams have a very positive message which usually means that you are enjoying the best time with this person and that this person is the main source of your happiness. So be careful and take care of them so that you don't lose them because you tend to take everything for granted.

Being accompanied by a person in a dream where you are flying can also have a rather dark meaning in the sense that your unconscious is trying to warn you that you'd better go and enjoy the last moments with this person before you have to leave them for good, the dream evokes the context of the loss of a loved one.

Meaning of flying in your dreams with wings

You can have a very comforting dream in which you find yourself flying over your city with the help of angel wings that are three times your size. You also feel that these wings are an integral part of you and that you have total control over your movements. You are calm and serene in the lightness you feel.

So the wings here have a symbolism of power. You are currently in full possession of your means in your current life, whether it be in the professional or intimate domain. You have the chance to control your situation as you wish in order to move forward in your life.

However you must take care of this situation to keep your position of power and not lose the advantages, because it is possible that in the near future and because of a bad decision, you will lose all your advantages, and in this kind of dream it can be represented by the fact that your wings are cut.

This action can hurt you tremendously, both physically and emotionally. Take advantage of the benefits you have, but your unconscious is trying to tell you not to overdo it.

Meaning of flying in your dreams in a vertical way

When we talk about a person flying, the first image that may come to mind is of them flying over the city like Superman does in a horizontal way. So, there are dreams where the person sees himself flying vertically.

It is true that it can be a little strange but don't worry, it is a dream that reflects only good things. In this case, the image you have of this dream is you leaving the ground of the earth and flying up to the sky, rising quite gradually until you can see the whole earth.

At this time, you can feel a lot of emotions that are mixed together. The meanings that are connected to these dreams show that they are quite uncommon dreams that represent the spiritual and personal elevation that we can have during our life.

It is obviously a very positive interpretation that one must accept but above all take advantage of. This type of dream is especially associated with people who are currently searching for their self, it is also a way for the subconscious to help them continue on this path which can do them a lot of good.

Meaning of flying in your dreams with your eyes closed

Dreams are a rather strange phenomenon, you can have an understanding that is unique to you when you have your dream. So, if in this one you find yourself flying with your eyes closed, it is quite logical that you can't see anything but black.

However, dreams are much more complicated than that and this is one of the reasons why it is very often necessary to have a meaning that is studied as well as interpretations according to the details of the dream. However, you can also see nothing but yourself with an outside eye flying over your city.

It is mostly a way of illustrating your current situation that shows that you are moving forward in life without really seeing where you are heading, especially if you are up in the air with no landmarks to help you. In this case, it is highly recommended for you to think twice in reality before making any decision that may eventually have an irreversible impact on your life.

It is your unconscious' way of warning you of the danger that may befall you without you even having the time to analyze it and try to avoid it.

Closed eyes are a very bad sign for your near future. It is necessary for you to open them and start to inspect and understand what is around you, it is as if flying gives you the advantage of being able to see everything that is happening around you but with your eyes closed you totally lose that which can be very damaging for you and for your future which is very blurry.


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