What is the meaning of storm dreams?

What is the meaning of storm dreams?

It's true that dreaming of storms can be frightening, and for many it's a nightmare that disrupts their nights. However, the dream is not necessarily a bad omen. In fact, the meaning it conveys depends on a number of parameters that need to be combined in order to understand this type of dream. Your way of life, your daily routine and your profession have a major influence on your dreams. For farmers or stockbreeders, for example, this dream may foretell a period of prosperity and that it's a good time to grow crops, promising a fruitful harvest. However, for people outside this field, lightning and thunder are the source of nervousness and anxiety, which is certainly induced by the fear of destruction.

In this article, we'll try to help you better understand your dreams and put an end to your misunderstandings.

What is the meaning of the dream of storms in general?

In general, having a dream about storms can foretell times that will be difficult to get through, and in some cases, general destruction. It's possible that you're going through difficult times, and this may lead you to believe that this type of dream will just make things worse, however, you'll have to remember that after the storms, it's the turn of fine weather and calm to make their appearance. So, this dream is only there to give you the courage to fight against the difficulties that life can put in your way. It's a reminder to keep hope alive, no matter how serious the worries you're facing. In fact, there are good times ahead, and all you have to do is hang in there.

So, whatever distribution the storm may bring with it, it remains an invitation to renewal. Take advantage of this moment to take on new challenges, to change the things you no longer want, but didn't have the courage to change. And don't reduce this dream to an omen of impending disaster that will paralyze you. Of course, this remains a general interpretation. We'll look at specific cases below.

Dreaming of an electrical storm

This is a very common dream and one that many people have. Dreaming of an electrical storm can mean that you're approaching trouble. However, this depends on the storm and its intensity. Above all, it's important to distinguish where this storm is headed.

If during the storm you are with your family, this could indicate the imminence of certain family discussions in which you will be directly involved. You need to be prepared for all possible situations and, above all, prepare solid arguments to defend your positions. As a general rule, dreamers are well aware of the potential problems their families may face. The dream sometimes brings to light what you have ignored or forgotten.

In addition, if you have a dream in which you're trapped in a storm, it could mean that you're about to reveal a secret or talk to someone about a sensitive subject, problems, a hidden situation, etc. It could also mean that you're about to tell a friend or family member about your dream.

To put an end to this situation, which can be hard to live with, you'll have to find the courage to do things and free yourself.

On the other hand, it's possible to have the surprising dream that a storm is bearing down on you. This dream may foretell the arrival of a succession of problems in your life, one after the other.

You'll need to sort out your worries one by one, before it's too late and you can't get your head above water.

A sandstorm in your dream

It's certainly not a dream that occurs often, but it's one with a high probability rating. Such a dream is a harbinger of confusion, sadness and disorientation to come. It means you've lost your bearings, you don't know where you are in your life. You need help and are looking for someone to help you.

A dream that, when repeated, can be a source of anxiety and stress. It's a cry of distress from your subconscious that should prompt you to think things through. Take time for yourself, away from others, and study the situation. You need to make changes, you need to solve your problems.

The meaning of this dream is not far removed from that of a real sandstorm. It's a situation that at first sight seems hopeless, and it arrives suddenly, unexpectedly. It seems desperate, yet the desire to escape problems and get out of them is there.

What do dreams of storms at sea mean?

When a storm hits the open sea, it means the imminent arrival of a series of little worries. These may include :

  • Your work ;
  • Your studies ;
  • Your family ;
  • Your relationship, etc.

Just like on a boat, you'll have to hold on tight. You have to be prepared to solve them one by one. Don't worry, just like the storm, this series of problems will eventually come to an end, just be patient.

To avoid burning out along the way, take the time you need to recharge your batteries. If you don't, the dream will repeat itself and your energy will be depleted.

Dreaming of a snowstorm

It's a dream that may seem bizarre, even terrifying. It indicates a lack of freedom of expression. You repress your feelings and can't express them. You have a great need to speak out and empty your heart, but you don't know who to turn to. You're afraid of being judged or misunderstood.

The occurrence of such a dream is a good sign. You're finally ready to wipe the slate clean and start a new chapter. Your life is about to change for the better: a new job, recovery from an illness, the end of a conflictual relationship. Be optimistic and tell yourself that the best is yet to come.

These changes will bring you the well-being and confidence you need to open up to the people you love.

Dreaming of a windstorm

Having such a dream means that consequent changes are about to take place in your life, but not immediately. In the meantime, you have to fight the wind until it finally blows away and take your worries with it. Don't rush into making hasty decisions that you may later regret.

And to do that, you need support. You'll find it in your close friends and family.

Hang on tight, it won't be long before you see the light at the end of the tunnel. For now, stay calm, be thoughtful and sensible in your decisions. Take inspiration from the past, so you don't make the same mistakes again and hurt those around you.

Dreaming of a water storm

If a water storm appears in your dreams, it's because you're about to realize that your feelings towards certain people are not right. In fact, you secretly desire the misfortune of others for your own satisfaction. This feeling consumes you and you want to get rid of it.

You're drowning in your emotions. You're in the middle of a phase of awareness, beginning to see things more clearly. Evil and good are now clear to you.

When you wake up, you'll realize that you haven't drowned, and your fears will dissipate.

Dreaming of a rainstorm

A rainstorm means a loss of control. You feel as if you're in a grip, as if the most important decisions in your life are slipping out of your hands. Whether at work, at home or even with your friends, you no longer have a choice.

Your psyche is sending you a sign that it's in emotional distress. It's time for you to take back control of your life. You don't always have to comply with situations when they don't suit you.

Start looking elsewhere, seeking new opportunities, conquering more freedom!

Dreaming of an earthly storm

Such a dream is simply a sign that you're suffering from excessive anxiety. Be careful: if this situation persists, your health will be compromised. What's more, if you continue down this path, you'll end up making bad decisions, and the vicious circle will close in on you.

You're drifting further and further away from the life you want so much. It's up to you to take the bull by the horns and cut through the stress.

You'll realize that life is much more beautiful when you're less stressed. Things will become clearer and the path more straightforward. The right decisions take care of themselves.

Dreaming of a storm of wind and water

If wind and water come together in your dreams, it's because stress and bad decisions come together in your life. Between the two, you no longer know which is the cause and which is the consequence.

Negative feelings take up too much space in your life, and it only gets worse because of stress.

It's time to put an end to this nightmare. Give yourself a moment to yourself, concentrate on yourself. Meditation is a great way to deal with stress.

Once you've relieved the stress, you'll regain the energy you need to live life to the full.

Dreaming of surviving a storm

If you dream that you're surviving a storm, it's because good news awaits you. Such a dream is a good omen. It means you'll soon overcome any obstacles in your path.

You're about to enter a calmer, more serene phase of your life. You'll enter this new chapter stronger and wiser than you were before.

You can feel confident about the future that awaits you.

What does a hailstorm mean?

Hailstones in your dreams are a sign of unresolved problems and lingering anxieties. They are also a sign of deep-seated fear, of a misfortune that could upset the course of your life.

Realize that every problem has a solution. Don't let fear paralyze you, you're stronger than you think.

You can't let difficulties accumulate. You have to find the courage to overcome them as soon as possible, otherwise they'll come back to haunt your mind, and that's why you have such dreams.

Dreaming of an approaching storm

If you see a storm approaching in your dreams, now is the time to pay more attention to your eating habits and your health. It's time to eat a healthier, more balanced diet. Engage in physical activity and cut back on calories.

Rationalize your alcohol consumption and cut down on smoking. Listen to your body, it's sending you a signal.

Finally, we can say that whatever the meaning of your dream, it is a powerful indicator of your psychological state. You should therefore consider your dreams with great interest. Of course, there's no need to worry too much and become prone to anxiety or insomnia. On the contrary, this is a chance to put your life back in order and get back on track. Whether on a personal, professional or family level, it would be a good idea to take an introspective look. What's more, dreams are only a reflection of your real life, and most of the time they're alarm signals that can prevent you from falling into certain traps that life can throw at you. It's important, however, to make an overall analysis that takes into account your living conditions, your psychological state and the people around you.


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