My boyfriend is distant and ignores me

My boyfriend is distant and ignores me




I've been dreaming about my long distance boyfriend and in every dream he was being distant and he kinda ignores me, but in real life we talk daily and he shows me his love and care, but yesterday I dream about the opposite of that he was hugging me and showing love, while in reality he's distant


Hello Kira,

Your dreams reveal a fascinating dynamic between your perceptions and desires in your long-distance relationship.

Dreaming that your boyfriend is distant and ignores you, when in reality he's showing affection and attention, can highlight your insecurities or fears about the nature of your long-distance bond.

These dreams could reflect your internal anxieties, possibly due to physical distance, fear of abandonment, or uncertainty about the future of your relationship.

Your most recent dream, in which he embraces you and shows you affection, offers a striking contrast with the previous ones and could embody your needs or desires for intimacy and physical connection.

This dream seems to be an expression of your subconscious trying to make up for the distance that separates you, by providing a sense of comfort and security that you dread losing.

These dreams reveal an inner struggle between trust and doubt at the heart of your relationship.

They underline how crucial it is to talk openly with your partner about your emotions and apprehensions.

Discussing your dreams and what they mean to you can be an excellent starting point for tackling issues such as the need for reassurance, managing distance and how to show affection.

Kira, these dreams encourage you to explore feelings and thoughts you may have overlooked.

They prompt you to meditate on what it really means to be connected to someone, the ways in which you express and receive love, and the importance of nurturing the relationship despite the obstacles inherent in distance.

They also remind you that, in relationships, perceptions and realities can diverge, and that dialogue and mutual understanding are essential to resolving these differences.

Yours respectfully

William William



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