What does it mean to dream of snow?

What does it mean to dream of snow?

Snow is often associated with cold, ice, pristine white or even Christmas in real life, but what about in dreams? Dreams are images sent to us by our subconscious that have a very important symbolism for us. Behind these images, there's a hidden meaning, even a unique language to which this personal interpretation is linked.

If snowflakes appeared in your dreams last night, it must mean something to you. What do dreams about snow mean? Find out below!

What does snow symbolize in dreams?

Snow in dreams has many symbolic meanings, which you can adapt to your current feelings and experiences.

Seeing a snowy landscape in your dreams is a reflection of inexperienced feelings. You have a desire to do new things, you're desperate for change.

Snow is also a symbol of the dreamer's vital energy. As water represents purity and these two elements go hand in hand, this image would refer to the dreamer's good qualities, such as wisdom and purity.

One thing to bear in mind is that snow is cold, and its contact with the skin is unpleasant, even painful. From this we can deduce that dreams of snow reflect both opportunities to be seized and difficulties to be faced.

Dreaming of snow can also indicate that you're searching for your emotional balance, which is a rather good omen.

As you can see, dreams about snow have many facets and meanings. This element, made available to man by nature, is beautiful and pleasant, but its meaning in our dreams remains highly complex.

10 meanings of snow dream

Paying attention to the details of your dreams is the basis for a reliable and accurate interpretation of the images your subconscious sends you.

Even if your dream is snow-related, it's important to know where the snow is located? What are your feelings at the time? Or even what vision do you have of this landscape covered in a white mantle? To give you a clearer picture, we've selected the 10 most likely dream scenarios involving snow, along with their meanings. Just follow the guide:

Dreaming of having fun with snow

Playing in the snow may sound like a pleasant dream, but its meaning is far from it. This dream indicates that your life is boring, even monotonous. You're in great need of change and renewal in your life, which will restore your motivation and enthusiasm of yesteryear.

Dreaming of snow

The important thing about this dream is that you are happy in front of this landscape. This can only be a sign of good things to come.

On the other hand, if you see yourself in this childhood dream, where you're facing falling snow and it generates a feeling of nostalgia, even sadness, it symbolizes a bad omen.

Dreaming that it's snowing can have various meanings for the dreamer, depending on how you feel at the time. For example, feeling cold and paralyzed by snow in your dreams is a sign that you're desperately trying to solve your problems and get back to a calmer, more serene life.

If, faced with falling snow, you feel totally relaxed and stress-free in your dream, the meaning is obvious: this dream symbolizes your optimism. Whatever problems you face, the outcome will be favorable.

And finally, if an elderly person sees snow falling in their dreams, this image symbolizes their youthful memories.

Dreaming it's snowing all the time

Snow falling in abundance in your dreams is a sign of financial success. In fact, this image reflects the money you're going to have in abundance. This dream is a prediction of professional financial success in the near future. Happiness and prosperity await you.

On the other hand, this dream takes a completely different turn if you see snow and rain falling at the same time. This is an indication of your emotional confusion: you go from one mood to another, or you start an activity, then change along the way, so you don't move forward. All this is due to your emotional instability.

Dreaming of melting snow

Seeing snow melting in the sun in your dreams tells you that you're going through a difficult situation, but that you'll be able to overcome the obstacles for better days ahead. Whatever the problem, it will be solved in time, so don't be afraid.

This image is full of hope, because before long you'll see that all will be well in your life and you'll be able to put this unpleasant chapter behind you.

Dreaming of snow falling in front of you

If you visualize snow falling right in front of you in your dream, you may be going through a period of great sadness due to failure, a romantic break-up or the loss of a loved one. Rest assured, this period of turbulence will be short-lived, as better days await you, hence the white snow appearing in front of you.

Dreaming of blackened or dirty snow

Seeing muddy or dirty snow is a symbol of illness or an obvious health problem. Remember to take better care of yourself and, above all, do a few tests to make sure you're all right.

See a snow avalanche in your dreams

A snow avalanche in one's dreams is a terrifying landscape or even a nightmare. Nevertheless, the significance of this horrific image is contrasted, because contrary to what one might think, this dream is very positive.

An avalanche of snow means that luck is on your side in life and everything is going well for you. Your professional situation is satisfactory, your family is harmonious and everything is going well on the sentimental front.

On the other hand, if you dream that a person is crushed by an avalanche, the meaning of this dream is much less joyful. New changes are about to come into your life, which will certainly destabilize you. This dream encourages you to be more confident and to better handle any turbulence.

Dreaming of being lost in a snowy landscape

In your dreams, you're walking alone in the snow and you can't find your way back? This means you're haunted by a great misfortune. This danger may come from the past or the future, so protect yourself as best you can and prepare to face it. It could be linked to your professional or personal life, so vigilance is the key!

Dreaming of sliding on snow

Slipping on snow in your dreams reveals that you're going through a period of great vulnerability, with uncertainties and doubts overwhelming you. This instability may be the result of various problems that are strongly affecting your current life. This dream is therefore a symbol of great weakness.

Slippage means your situation is emotionally unstable. Depression, stress and discontent characterize you at the moment. It's up to you to find the source of your problems, because over time, this emotional state can make you ill.

Dreaming of making a snowball

In dreams, a snowball is a symbol of the gratitude you feel towards a person, friend or family. This person has done you a favor, given or said something that has made you happy.

If you find yourself in a snowball fight in your dream, this represents a warning from your subconscious to be careful with your actions, as they could have far-reaching consequences for you.

If you dream that you're building a snowman, this image refers to your growing desire to get together as a family.

In love, a snowman in your dreams is a sign that you have a cold partner who doesn't care about your well-being.

Other variations on the snow dream

Snow can manifest itself in many ways in your dreams, giving them different meanings.

Although we've looked above at the main cases of dreams involving snow, we don't want you to miss out on some variations of this dream. That's why we're offering even more snow-related dream meanings:

  • To dream of washing your face with snow is a symbol that your troubles are behind you and that all will be well in your life. ;
  • Dreaming of snowflakes heralds abundance, both financially and in your achievements. ;
  • Dreaming of skiing on snow shows that you are on the right path to achieving your goals. ;
  • Dreaming that it's snowing in summer is a sign that you're about to take a new step in your life and discover new experiences. ;
  • Dreaming of being hit by a snowfall reflects your shortcomings in many areas, both professional and personal. ;
  • Dreaming of a snowstorm tells you that you're going through a difficult time that you'll be able to overcome in time.

In short, snow in dreams is often a harbinger of change, a desire to discover new experiences or turn in a different direction. Take every detail into account to learn more about the meaning of your dreams.

Psychoanalytic interpretations of the snow dream

Snow is a natural element derived from water. White, pure and cold, it can symbolize many feelings in the dreamer, which are not always easy to explain.

Some of the great figures of psychoanalysis, who have left their mark on the ages through their ingenuity, have each given a complete interpretation of the snow dream. This is what we're going to see right now:

Freud's interpretation of the snow dream

Freud presents a rather contemporary approach to the snow dream. According to him, this element of nature is linked to frigidity, i.e. the dreamer's deep frustration and sadness linked to his or her unfulfilled sex life.

This lack of desire can occur in both men and women.

When a dreamer is faced with a snowy landscape, it may reflect his or her inner emotional state.

This image contrasts with the heat, which represents a rich libido.

Jung's interpretation of the snow dream

According to Jungian thought, snow in dreams reflects the dreamer's expectation of sunny days ahead. A bit like the tale of Sleeping Beauty, frozen and waiting for her prince to wake her from her slumber with a kiss.

For Jung, this expectation is not really negative, as it heralds better days ahead for the dreamer. A change, a professional development or even a romantic encounter are announced.

Regarding the vision of snowfall in dreams, Jung linked it directly to the dreamer's emotions, or rather to his or her frozen or buried feelings. This coldness is directed at a specific person.

Snow dream interpretation according to Nostradamus

For Nostradamus, dreaming of snow is always a good omen. To see it falling in abundance means that your finances are doing very well. This dream is therefore a harbinger of happiness and prosperity.

Miller's interpretation of the snow dream

Miller explains that the presence of snow in your dreams is an indication that, in your life, there are no real problems, only a few temporary worries that will be resolved in time. This dream encourages you to put things into perspective and look on the bright side of life.

But in the event that you are caught in a snowstorm in your dreams, this is a harbinger of great sadness in your life. Your destiny will be struck by grief and disappointment.


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