All love dream interpretations!

All love dream interpretations!

Love is a recurring theme in our dream life. Indeed, this universal feeling with human dimensions is an indispensable part of our reality.

In fact, many believe that there is no intelligence greater than that of the heart. On the other hand, this feeling should not be confused with emotionalism. They are two completely different notions.

Love reconnects us with our inner selves. If we don't love ourselves, we'll never be able to love others.

If we fail to love ourselves properly, our love for others will be toxic, either for them (obsessive love) or for ourselves (dependence).

So what exactly does love mean in dreams? What is the interpretation of love in dreams? What do relationships in dreams mean? Is it a good sign? What does betrayal mean in dreams? Let's find out in the following guide!

Meaning of love in dreams

As mentioned above, love is an essential feeling for human beings. In fact, this feeling is very broad and can take many different forms.

We can already say that there's a difference between love and the feeling of love. The Greeks believe that this feeling is divided into 4 main categories:

  • Love for humanity (hence compassion), known as "Agape". ;
  • Love for the family, says Storgè ;
  • Love for friends, says Phylia ;
  • Love for the mate (love accompanied by sexual desire), known as Eros.

In our dreams, all these forms can be present. We can dream of a beloved friend, a relative or even a celebrity. However, the most common love dream generally concerns Eros love (love accompanied by desire). So, you can dream of a lover with whom you're in a relationship, or not.

Love in dreams is usually expressed by physical closeness, since the brain always combines this feeling with physical contact. However, it can also be expressed in dreams of embracing or exchanging.

In fact, you should know that in dreams, all barriers collapse, whether moral or physical. That's why it's common to dream of erotic scenes with your lover. Striking, raw and carnal dreams denote passionate love.

To understand the meaning of love dreams, we need to know that they fall into two distinct categories, each with a different interpretation: dreams about relationships and dreams about sex.

Dreaming of a love relationship

Dreaming of love and a loving relationship can take many forms. In this case, the feeling of love is very strong and dominates the dream.

Often, erotic scenes emerge from this kind of dream. A divine kiss and cuddles express our love for each other. The sensuality is so strong and the passion so intense that it's hard to believe it was just a dream! This dream is accompanied by sad and disappointing awakenings. The dreamer is sad to lose this long-awaited love, even though the person in the dream is usually a stranger.

Love dreams about relationships have two meanings. First, it's important to know that these are not repressed feelings. You're not in love without knowing it.

This dream means you've met your inner self. You've reconnected with your inner self, and your personality is blossoming. You're moving in the right direction, both personally and professionally.

Your opposite poles have regained a certain harmony and positive energy is now flowing inside you. You've just discovered and expressed your hidden phases, and this is an excellent step towards self-fulfilment.

Remember that in this case, the chosen one presents an unfamiliar face (or you simply can't see his face).

In the real world, love works the same way. Although many people are unaware of it, love at first sight works in the same way as explained above. We see in the other person (or rather, it's the heart that sees) a part that we're missing, so the heart decides that this person will be able to complete us. Gradually getting to know the other person leads either to a lasting feeling of love, or to repression.

The other meaning of the love dream concerns relationships with well-known people. In reality, we're not really attracted to these people in our dreams, or even like them. The dreamer is surprised to see such intimacy and complicity with this person.

In fact, what's happened here is that our brain has recognized certain hidden phases of ourselves in her.

In reality, you feel a certain antipathy towards this person, and this feeling will turn into love in your dream.

This type of dream makes such an impression on the dreamer that he tries to avoid this person at all costs in reality. He has the impression of having spent a strange moment with her.

Dreaming of sexual intercourse

The second type of love dream takes the form of sexual intercourse. In this case, the erotic scenes are much more intense. These dreams can also be wet dreams, whether in women or men. In fact, these dreams are a means of compensation. Generally, the dreamer is unable to express his sexual desire properly. They repress their sexual appetite to the point of imbalance. He then becomes aggressive and irritable.

The brain then tries to channel this energy through these dreams. They are therefore very healthy and help to restore a sense of well-being, especially as sexual energy is a very powerful energy.

Love dream interpretations: what does love mean in your dream?

Love in the dream indicates either repressed feelings, a lack of self-acceptance or a genuine, ignored love for someone else.

Love dreams play a very important role in healing. They can be very beneficial on an emotional and/or physical level.
The interpretation of love dreams varies according to the dreamer's state, situation and the details of the dream itself.

Dreaming of being in love

If you're in a loving relationship, the dream of being in love represents your satisfaction with this current relationship. You're happy and very satisfied with your partner.

On the other hand, if you're not in a loving relationship and you've seen a dream in which you're in a relationship with someone, it means you're not getting enough love.

Dreaming of intense love

If, in your dream, you are overwhelmed by love, it means that you have an enormous influence on those around you, whether it's your loved ones or your friends.

Feeling love in a dream

If you feel love in your dream, a universal love, without any real reason, person or object, it means you've recognized your path. You're on your way to personal enlightenment, so enrich yourself even more as you continue along the same path.

This dream can also mean that you have the self-confidence and potential to achieve all your goals.

Falling in love in a dream

Did you have a dream where you fell in love? Actually, this dream isn't really a good sign. It means you've been betrayed by a friend or loved one.

Falling madly in love with someone in a dream

If you're feeling a crazy love in the dream, it indicates that you're going to experience some difficulties in the future. This may concern your studies or your work. Don't worry, you can get through this stage with a little effort.

Dreaming of someone in love with you

On the other hand, if it's someone else who's madly in love with you, that's a good sign. This dream represents the happiness and stability you're about to experience in your life.

Dreaming of love for oneself

If you dream that you love yourself, this may not be a good sign. In fact, it may indicate that you have health problems that you're probably unaware of. Your body is sending you a sign to warn you.

Revealing your love for someone

If you dream that you've revealed your love for someone, it means that you've recently had a beautiful experience or that you're about to have a beautiful experience based on compassion and care. You'll even be rewarded.

Dreaming of being in love

If your love dream involves no one or an unknown person, it means you're about to experience spiritual growth. It's also a clue that you have all the abilities and skills you need to overcome your current difficulties. You'll overcome all obstacles and reach your goals with ease.

Dream of love between married couples

If you've been dreaming about a married couple expressing their love, it means you're about to experience great joy in your life.

Dreaming of your parents expressing their love

Loving parents in the dream mean that you have reached a very high level of success in your life. Your current status is your final status. You must learn to celebrate your success.

Dreaming of lost love

Have you been dreaming that you're in love with someone who doesn't love you back? This means you're about to experience a lot of changes in your life. It could even mean that you're about to get married.

Dreaming of true love

If you've been dreaming of true love with someone you care about, it means you're happy and satisfied. You're living a happy life right now, whether it's your love life or your professional life.

Dreaming of shared love

Have you dreamed of reciprocal love? Does the other person share your love? This means that your friends are honest and reliable, and that you can count on them.

On the other hand, if this love isn't reciprocated, it means you're capable of achieving the goals you've set yourself, simply and without great difficulty.

Dreaming of the person you love

Did you see your lover in your dream? This means you're satisfied with your current situation.

Dreaming of meeting your lover

Meeting your lover in your dreams means you're about to meet love in real life. This dream may even indicate that you're going to marry this person and have children with him or her.

Dreaming of your lover with another person

If you see your lover with someone else, it's a sign that you're not devoting enough time to your relationship and that you're going to end up losing your lover.

This may be a sign that you're not so much in love with this person anymore. You need to reconsider your feelings.

Dreaming of betrayal

Did you see your partner betray you in your dream? This means that good opportunities are coming your way. Be careful to spot them and take advantage of them.

Dreaming of platonic love with your partner

Does your love for your partner seem platonic in your dream? This indicates that you are very hopeful about this love and that you have a lot of confidence in your lover.

Dreaming of being in love with a celebrity

If you dream that you're in love with a celebrity, it means that your ambitions are far too high and you'll end up disappointed. So, to avoid this, try to keep your feet on the ground and know your limits.

Now you know that a love dream can have many meanings, depending on the dreamer's state of mind and the details of the dream. This dream can have good meanings, such as success, joy and happiness, as well as bad ones, such as weariness, betrayal or the imminent arrival of problems in your life.


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